Why Coachella 2013 and YouTube got it Right

Coachella and YouTube team up to bring music to the world. (Courtesy of Coachella Music + Arts Festival)

Coachella and YouTube team up to bring music to the world. (Courtesy of Coachella Music + Arts Festival)

“Wow, just Wow.” I keep telling myself as I watch the French band Phoenix performing live at the Coachella Music Festival on a channel created specific to stream the entire weekend. As a matter of fact, Coachella worked with YouTube creating THREE channels! Streaming live performance of nearly 75 artist through 3 days. Such acts include the aforementioned Phoenix, Blur, Teagan and Sara, Ginderman, Spiritulaized, Vampire Weekend, Franz Ferdinand, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the first performance in some years of The Postal Service.

WATCH ALL OF COACHELLA 2013 HERE: http://www.youtube.com/coachella

Being overseas with quality internet access is sometimes hit or miss, however in Thailand (Chiang Rai currently) I’ve had it pretty good, with good speed internet in most of my rooms. If not, I can walk to an internet cafe to connect. But this doesn’t mean I can view all streams or even re-broadcasts of performance, sporting events or quality televisions shows from the United States. I’d say one quarter of programming I’d like to catch up on when I have time is either blocked or unavailable. And no it’s not the Thai communications that are blocking it – it’s the states. Take for instant The 2013 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament…not one game, not even the Championship game was streamed live for those OUTSIDE the US. Maybe there is not a total world interest in this (although I have to imagine that is changing) but surely there are servicemen, overseas workers, travelers or just the random other 6.7 billion person interested in watching online. Poor move on the NCAA’s part but then again there a number of other shortcomings I could bring up (like NCAA making millions upon millions of dollars on students who basically play for free)…I digress.

This is where Coachella 2013 and Youtube got it right. They are streaming the event in a number of qualities included HD 720p and 1080p. My connection is good but not stellar so I have to “settle” for a seamless 720p full screen on my laptop. Still outstanding. If you have an internet connection and your own country is not blocking the stream or YouTube (which most are not) you get to see the WHOLE weekend. Whatever band at their specified time, and of course the recording AFTER the live performance. Truly an WORLDLY event. And why Joup believes is a Worldly Jump.

Joe Grez

Joe Grez

Joe Grzesik (JGrez) is still an artist developer trying to keep up with new technologies. Photography still has been one of his strongest passions. However, now his main focus has led him back to music where he teaches guitar, piano, saxophone and percussion privately. Music education can never be short changed.

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  1. Joe Grez

    Joe Grez Reply

    @Derek It’s the company’s and/or whatever corporation loss indeed to not stream a huge event worldwide. There is a ton of advertising opportunity involved here, and if done tastefully (which Coachella basically had none [and definitely no performances interrupted]) would most definitely attract a world market.
    @Erik Had no idea Lollapalooza was streamed. Have to look for that this year. I wonder if they streamed from Brazil as well. Perry Ferrell has usually been ahead of the curve.

  2. Erik Reply

    This is how I watched parts of Lollapalooza last year. I’m glad the fest and bands are on board. It’s pretty cool.

  3. Derek Freal Reply

    Totally agreed bro! As a traveler I’m always trekking through some random country and occasionally it’s nice to catch a glimpse of what I’m missing out on in the Western world (of course I use the phrase ‘missing out on’ lightly lol)

    But apparently too many businesses in the USA are more concerned about profits and protecting their intellectual property than gaining new foreign audiences, or even catering to Americans who happen to be abroad. Shame on them.

  4. Joe Grez

    Joe Grez Reply

    Another great site streaming rebroadcasts of Coachella:


    Goto about the 16th hour and 27th minute for the start of The Postal Service entire set.

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