Thee Comic Column #8: Harvest


Since Robert Kirkman became a partner with Image Comics circa 2008 the imprint has taken on a number of mini series that showcase indie talent. Take for example Witch Doctor or The Strange Talent of Luther Strode to name but a couple off the top of my head. With the overwhelming crossover success of Kirkman’s The Walking Dead he has helped the company find and bring to light a lot of great indie stories, and this past weekend I discovered yet another one.

Harvest, written by A.J. Lieberman and illustrated by Colin Lorimer, is a dark, dark story about human organ trafficking. Issue one (still available but already on 2nd or 3rd printing so snap it up fast!) shows us what I’m guessing is the tip of the underground organization and what happens when one of the surgeons in its employee decides they want ‘out’. Cue the need for a new surgeon and our introduction to Dr. Benjamin Dane, a drunk, coked-out mess of a human being. As we meet Ben his extracurricular activities have just cost him his place in society and while trolling his options at rock bottom he is approached by said underground organization with promises of giving him back his life. Ben takes it, but not everything goes according to plan and by the end of issue two the story appears to be heading in a completely different direction than how it appeared when it began.

I’ve done a little reading about Harvest and it appears there will be some parrallels to the criminally underrated 2008 film Repo! The Genetic Opera. From the top notch tone and storytelling so far I have confidence that this will NOT be the kind of parrallel that essentially equals thievery, ie the 2010 movie Repo Men that was a blatant skinning and repackaging of the former. Lieberman and Lorimer have a nice dark palette they are working with to shape something that will no doubt lead into other things. This initial series is a five-issue run, but if sales are good – which they appear to be via the multiple printings and word of mouth from retailers – I’m guessing that just like the aforementioned Luther Strode and Witch Doctor books Harvest will have a return engagment. This is good. The underground world of organ harvesting sets up soooo many truly creepy story angles, and just based on how this book has begun I for one would like to see where the creators take it. Especially when you consider one of the characters is a very creepy, spectre-like six-year old boy named Noah.

Oh, and then there’s the Yakuza. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Harvest issues 1-3 are available from Image comics for a paltry $3.50* and if those hook you like they did me, number 4 will be available Tuesday, November 7th.


* Ok, $3.50 isn’t so paltry to those of us who once paid $.75 an ish, but compared to $3.99 we’re living in more expensive times. I’m just happy when whatever the book costs is warranted by the story, which is definitely the case with Harvest.

Oh, just for kicks:

Shawn C Baker

Shawn C Baker

Shawn lives in Los Angeles where he co-hosts Drinking w/ Comics, writes screenplays and fiction and has been known to drink quite a bit of beer. Good beer.

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  1. Joe Grez

    JGrez Reply

    I have to see if I can pick up some of the issues oversees. Perhaps in a larger city.
    Two more observations:

    1. I wonder if they get some ideas from actual human trafficking which unfortunately is a huge problem today.

    2. Organ trafficking may not be far off if it’s not already here.

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