Thee Comic Column #56: Punisher Fan Film Needs Our Help!

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A few weeks ago Joup’s Chester Whelks sent me a link to a story that dealt with the ongoing struggle of Mike Pecci’s Punisher fan film titled The Dead Can’t Be Distracted. The deal is basically this: In spite of the fact that we live in an age where fan films can go gone viral and pick up fan acclaim without infringing on property claims – in some cases even influencing the big name companies that own the characters – Marvel has issued a cease a desist order on Mr. Pecci’s film, which by way of the trailer looks just absolutely amazing.

Recently Mr. Pecci did an interview with the good folks over at The Unheard Nerd about the trials and tribulations of pouring his heart into creating what many consider something Marvel is still incapable of matching – a worthy Punisher film. I’ll go on the record as saying I’m a fairly big fan of the Ray Stevenson version from 2008, however when you follow some of the links I’m peppering throughout this piece and see the attention to detail that acts as the cement to The Dad Can’t Be Distracted you’ll see how amazing it would be to have this film picked-up as another version of Frank Castle’s story told for the big screen.


It’s always kind of baffled me, the fact that despite Marvel’s ability since 2006 to turn cape-and-armor comic book crusaders into picturesque and even more importantly fairly eloquent big screen versions the one character that seems almost outside their capacity for adaption is the one that is completely reality based, has no elaborate costume and no need of a ostentatious supporting cast or CG. And in this day and age, when fan films are generally embraced by all would they balk at Pecci’s project?

So here’s what we need to do about this, as once you’ve seen the trailer above I’m fairly certain you’ll be spurred to action: follow the links I’ve planted throughout, read about it, listen to the Unheard Nerd podcast, and most importantly go tweet @Marvel that you feel they should pay attention to this.

This can work. The internet has bridged a large part of the gap between the fans and the creators. Recently I covered the Day of Dredd – another instance where fans stood up to be heard, and while the verdict is still out on whether that actually worked the point to remember is that the initial outcry from fans at the prospect of not getting a sequel caused the creators/backers/producers to do a double-take at the support and money-making potential of another Dredd movie. I’m not saying Marvel will follow suit, but won’t you feel better if you helped try to make it so?


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Shawn C Baker

Shawn C Baker

Shawn lives in Los Angeles where he co-hosts Drinking w/ Comics, writes screenplays and fiction and has been known to drink quite a bit of beer. Good beer.

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