Thee Comic Column #54: Al Jourgensen, Super Hero?

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There has been a lot of activity coming from the Ministry camp as of late. Admittedly iconic mastermind of the band Al Jourgensen released an autobiography, a new and very possibly final album and now… a comic book?


In a press release I received this past Wednesday Uncle Al announced a partnership with British artist Sam Shearon who will write and illustrate Ministry: The Devil’s Chord, a thirteen-issue comic book series that will transmogrify Alain from mere flesh and blood mortal into a comic book character based on the evolution of the band he has helmed for over three decades now.

I’m a HUGE Ministry fan, the kind that embraces all the eras of the band. I’d be lying if I didn’t say my favorite will always be the late-80’s Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste era, complete with its cage-and-torch tour documented in In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up, but I love it all, from 12 Inch Singles and it’s slightly robotic synth pop to the decidedly more metal feel the band has had for the last ten years or so. And to love Ministry that much obviously I long ago bought into Al and his increasingly iconic visage. The comic seems a natural step at this point; the last stage to turn Al into the “Ozzy” of the Industrial realm. Especially after the fantastic new album, From Beer to Eternity. after that, especially being that it could very well be the final Ministry album, I think this comic will be  a great way to continue and expand the Ministry/Jourgensen legacy. Media has stopped being so static and rigid when it comes to the senses intermingling and Jourgensen has always embraced change and new media, so this is a logical step.  And really, if Uncle Al, Buck Satan, Hypo Luxa, and all his other monikers are going to become a comic book character this sounds like the right way to do it.

What I dig about the idea is stated outright in the press release: “…series will have a single story arc joining all 13 comic books together, and is themed in chronological order similar to Ministry’s catalogue. The main thread will focus on aliens, conspiracy theories, the occult and the vile and corrupt world of governments… and of course record labels.”

That’s a nice, big vision. And I like the way it goes album by album. And Shearon, aka Mister-Sam‘s art is the absolute perfect choice here. If you think you don’t know his work you probably do. He’s done artwork for Ministry, Rob Zombie, Fear Factory, IDW comics, Devolution Magazine, among many other. He posts new art on his facebook regularly. Once you familiarize yourself with his dark art it’s a thrill to hear that, again via the PR:

“Shearon has written the copy, created all of the characters and has designed and illustrated the artwork for all 13 main covers as well as the inner illustrations throughout the entire series.”

art by Mister-Sam. Image courtesy of

Mister-Sam’s inspiration was nothing less than spending two weeks with the Jourgensen’s and getting a lifetime’s worth of stories to interpret and extrapolate straight from the ol’ Alien’s mouth!

Ministry: The Devil’s Chord is targeted to release at next July’s Comic-Con in San Diego.


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Shawn C Baker

Shawn C Baker

Shawn lives in Los Angeles where he co-hosts Drinking w/ Comics, writes screenplays and fiction and has been known to drink quite a bit of beer. Good beer.

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