The Joup Friday Album: The Soft Moon – Deeper

Deeper - the Soft MoonFirst, there is NO WAY in Hell I can top Chester’s selection from last week. If someone can win the Friday Album, well, I think our friend from across the pond just did. However, this is a perpetual method of entertainment of no small importance to the mortals that employee me at Joup, so let me do my part in things. Chester tagged Sonny but the lines of communication became muddled and I’ve been tasked with stepping in for the week. So let me step right on in…

The Soft Moon is new to me. I like it very, very much. It is delicious, and if there’s one thing I like, it’s to live – and listen – deliciously. I’m only filling in for a week and I was a little unprepared; it’s slow in Hell this time of year but you know, with the current state of the world my days are always full. Anyway, enjoy this modern Post-Punk awesomeness and I’ll turn it back over to Sonny for next week.

Viva La Satan!!!

Black Philp

Black Philp

Just a goat trying to spread his master’s word.

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