The Joup Friday Album: Sepultura – Chaos A.D.

Chaos A.D.Considering my team is all about Chaos, and there’s been a lot more of it on the rise, I thought I’d go with a classic that reflects these values. When I got the nod to float slated contributor Melissa an extra week, I was only too excited to hop in and throw down an album of tunes that sonically work in the favor of darkness, even if the ideal behind that sound is really more against Chaos than for.

With Chaos A.D. Sepultura perfected the changed they’d begun at the end of the 80s, namely the shift toward a more tightly produced vision of Thrash than their death metal roots. When you look back on this now, and scroll through the covers of all their albums since, Sepultura is a band that has been in an almost constant state of flux their entire existence. I’ll openly admit, I lost track of what they do – either in Sepultura or the offshoot Soulfly – after this album. Roots had some good tracks, but by the time of that record’s release I was largely taking a break from metal, and the changes in their creative forces had begun. Looking at the band’s career this way, you see that Chaos A.D. stands as something of a perfectly captured moment in time, both for the band and for thrash. The era of the Titans was phasing out, and all those major Thrash acts going through changes of their own – Dave Lombardo left Slayer, Anthrax replaced Joey Belladonna with Stan Bush and went for a less thrash, more hard rock sound (not a bad thing they way they did it, mind you), and Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine decided playing metal was too hard and turned his hand into a sharp-tongued vehicle for mediocrity (Sweating bullets, anyone?). But Sepultura, they blended thrash with hard rock hooks with industrial with tribal dalliances and made one of the best metal albums of all time. Don’t believe me? Listen below. Back to you, Melissa!

Oh yeah, another awesome album cover in a series of awesome, genre-defining album covers by Michael Phelan!



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