The Joup Friday Album Roman Gods The Fleshtones

2 Fleshtones

The floor tom hits with a striking force that evokes an awakening as the drummer plays a simple tom, snare, tom, snare pattern that is reminiscent of a wind up monkey. But when that drum hits it summons that residual bit of LSD that has been lying dormant in my body fat since 1997. The echo chamber vocals sound of a crazed, drunken sailor yelling from the Hall of the Mountain King and they hang on this fuzzy bass progression that is hypnotic as it dances around a wave of Fender twin reverb laden guitar. I sip some beer from a cold green bottle and stare at the display lights on the face of the stereo and the singer is yelling “she keeps climbing, higher and higher and higher”. Crack, crack, crack the snare drum hits seven flams into a roll and then it’s back to the floor tom meets the snare. One, two, one, two the beat pounds like a military march while the echo gets tinny while layering the fuzz tone that provides a soundtrack for a Kool Mild burning by itself in an ashtray next to a half drunken bottled beer that is perspiring. “She keeps climbing, higher and higher and higher” says the voice on the record.                                 Meanwhile the mound of pot crumbs on the coffee table are laying next to a water pipe that has ice cold sparkling water in the reservoir and it certainly ain’t gonna smoke itself. It calls me to pick it up and pull out the slider to reload. I start to dredge my finger through the flaky green crumbles and they magnetize to my index finger like peanut butter to a spoon. I pack it and return the slider to the hole in the base of the glass footer pipe and I smile to myself. Boom! The fuzz tone clips out and now the bass rumbles through the diamond tip needle and directly through the Kenwood amp and out through the Celestion thirty five watt speakers. I search for a Bic but I find a shitty dollar store red lighter with the head missing instead. The gas is low but I strike the flint and it flashes a three inch flame. I’m going to get nice one I think to myself. I introduce the tall flame to the bell end of the slider and I press my lips into the two inch flanged circumference at the top of the footer. I huff a large draw of air inward to my lungs as the crumbled green flakes crackle in the bell and the liquid inside is rolling like a boiling pot of macaroni. Immediately the smoke pours up the pipe like a tornado in a vortex of of solid white. My eyes bug out as the hit enters my respiratory system like a flash mob at Macy’s on Michigan Avenue circa Christmas Eve. I start coughing profusely and I reach for the sweaty green beer bottle. The smoke pours through my nose, mouth and ears as I keep hacking. I exhale like a leaf blower to push out the remaining smoke but it doesn’t stop streaming from all of the holes in my head. I give my chest muscles one last push outward and finally I cross the finish line reminiscing the days of Dick Trickle at a stock car race. I bring the beer bottle to my mouth and I tilt it upward until the last of the bubbles slide onto my tongue and fizz out to the tiny pours at the back of my cheeks. Blast off has commenced. The Joup Friday album is…Roman Gods by the Fleshtones.

4 Responses to The Joup Friday Album Roman Gods The Fleshtones
  1. Shawn C. Baker Reply

    On it!

  2. sonny vitkauskas Reply

    Thanks Shawn. I tag you unless you are too swamped

  3. Shawn Reply

    Oh! Who do You taggeth?

  4. Shawn Reply

    Holy fuck. This one is a new level, Brother! FANtastic piece.

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