The Joup Friday Album: Post Stardom Depression – Prime Time Looks A Lot Like Amatuer Night

PSDI Love this album. I mean, I LOVE this album. Somehow though that love has never incited me to look into anything else that Post Stardom Depression has done, or any of the groups that frontman/guitarist/chief songwriter Jeff Angell has done since PSD called it quits in 2008. That’s a mistake I need to remedy, but I guess I have this thing where, when I find an album like this one, something I’d never heard of before that comes out of the blue, and it’s this damn good, well, I become a bit paralyzed. What if it’s a fluke and I hate the other records by the band? Ridiculous? Yeah. But if there’s one thing we human beings excel at, it’s ridiculous, no?

I’m not even sure how I found Prime Time Looks A Lot Like Amateur Night but it made an immediate impact. How could it not? Right off the bat I made running comparisons to two of my favorite bands – Queens of the Stone Age and Soundgarden. Album opener “These Days A Dollar” has a deep, dirty low end rumble that reminds me of the production on both Songs for the Deaf and a guitar tone reminiscent of Superunknown. You listen a little longer and the chorus’s tamborine-accented mantra “Just give me the keys, just give me the car” has you singing along before you even realize you know the words, like some archetypal situation to the human experience is being addressed here. And it is. In fact, turns out the whole damn album is about as lyrically relatable as a rock album can be. Each successive song worms its way into your emotional response centers first and your head second. It gets your feet tapping, your head banging and your introspection fired up. Borrowed Time, The Great Big Burn, The One That Got Away – if you try these songs on I’m betting they’re gonna fit. And that kind of harmonic experience always serves to give me an extra special bond to an album.

As far as the sonic comparisons go they continue over the course of the album, but it’s the production, not the style or songwriting. However, if you’re around my age and grew up with the whole “Seattle” thing, this dovetail will probably help ingratiate Prime Time to you. It’s slightly sludgy, non-chord driven hard rock and if felt like a blast from the past in 2005 when a lot of the rock coming out – both on the radio and in the ‘indie’ world – was driven by kick drums and throwback garage rock sounds. And in spite of this Angell takes the material into such personal territory that Post Stardom Depression very quickly establish themselves as very distinctly their own entity. And as the band actually does hail from Seattle and had a sizable following there, while they do carry on the tradition of bands like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, they do so in the same way those bands – or at least I always thought – continued the tradition of Black Sabbath.

Prime Time Looks A Lot Like Amateur Night disappeared from my listening rotation for a while and very recently made a big comeback. A lot of the songs feel eerily prescient of where I find myself in life at the moment, and this has only served to make me love the album even more.

So queue this up and let Jeff Angell and co. ween you into the weekend.  And if you dig it, go buy it. This record belongs on your shelf music lovers – whether that’s a digital shelf or a tactile one. Oh, and Sara Farr, would you care to give us next Friday’s record? I’d like that very much indeed.

Shawn C Baker

Shawn C Baker

Shawn lives in Los Angeles where he co-hosts Drinking w/ Comics, writes screenplays and fiction and has been known to drink quite a bit of beer. Good beer.

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