The Joup Friday Album: Mazzy Star – So Tonight that I Might See

mazzy starA song that is so embedded in me that I couldn’t image my early 20s without it. Through some dark winter drudges to some luminant summer epiphanies her voice rang in the back of head. Sometimes swelling to the forefront but mostly just in the back, a haunting angel called out again and again. I found out her name was Hope, but all this time I’ve been calling her Mazzy. As in Mazzy Star, the artist for your Joup Friday Album So Tonight I Might See.

Hope springs eternal is my current mantra. And Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval seems to be in the center of that musically. I can’t really boast that I was the biggest Mazzy Star fanatic back in the day. Not for reasons of dislike mind you but just rather ignorance and laziness. I just never got around to getting any of their albums and actually listening to it. But rather bits and pieces here and there from people in my past, like my memories somehow…

Hope and guitarist Dave Roback formed Mazzy Star in 1989. After Roback was already big on the Paisley Underground scene, he dismantled the group Opal and formed Mazzy Star around Sandoval. It turned out to be the right move.

So Joup’s Thomas Williams beat me to the punch yet again with his take on the lead track off of So Tonight I Might See entitled “Fade into You.” Read that here: Endless Loop – Fade Into You. Like his Endless Loop of a brain says: “The band’s ode to unrequited love pushes its strengths front and center with lead singer Hope Sandoval’s haunted and sorrowful vocals floating in the mix while the mournful slide guitar stabs us all in the pits of our hearts.” I couldn’t agree more.

Beyond Fade into you I found So Tonight that I Might See an outstanding collection of material. From the initial strum of the overdriven reverb soaked guitar in Bells Ring I knew this album had so much more to it. Like continuing on that dream that is fuzzy but you don’t want to let go off just yet. Two chords is all this song needs and it makes the most of them…

The deep organ follows on Mary of Silence and now you are in the middle of it. You might realize you won’t be leaving for awhile and that’s alright if you relax and enjoy the sonic show. It seems that Roback’s guitars are building into something. Five String Serenade written by Arthur Lee offers some sort of solace in the psychedelia. The string arrangement is simple yet a stunning compliment to Hope’s sober voice and ever present tambourine. More big rotating leslie’s wave through Blue Light. And it’s ok to swim, the water is fine…really. It’s at this point you start to realize that Sandoval really has you under her control with her voice.

She’s My Baby brings the whole band back into the fray with Jason Yates on Bass and Keith Mitchell on Drums. And man this is something right out a Velvet Underground real book. To much going on to even mention but all of it a wonderful push and pull.
Unreflected offers a terrific layered acoustic guitar intro before Sandoval snaps you back into it. It’s here that her writing ability shines:

Once it’s life’s fortunate
Isn’t this so
The unreflected feeling
Of a shortened flattened soul
The life that cuts the cold

And it wouldn’t be a proper journey without a bit of dirty lowdown rock and that’s what Wasted is. Big guitars, big drums, big bass. Perfect. Back to that haunting acoustic lullaby Into Dust. She really doesn’t let go the entire time and again William Cooper’s string arrangement compliments her telling story of all life.

The self-title So Tonight that I Might See puts back on the road again and acts almost as a perfect segue into another album. Whatever that might be…

Maybe Amy has that album?

Joe Grez

Joe Grez

Joe Grzesik (JGrez) is still an artist developer trying to keep up with new technologies. Photography still has been one of his strongest passions. However, now his main focus has led him back to music where he teaches guitar, piano, saxophone and percussion privately. Music education can never be short changed.

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  1. Shawn C. Baker Reply

    Great f*&King choice Joe! This album keeps coming up recently. I need to partake and sit and stare at the skyline with this on my headphones!

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