The Joup Friday Album: Julee Cruise – Floating into the Night

Floating into the NightIf there’s an album title more evocative of Twin Peaks – I mean other than the soundtracks that bear the town’s name – I’ve not found it. Especially I feel a strong thread between this album and the second half of the original pilot episode of the show, where half of the teenage cast runs around in the night with various secretive agendas, starting fights, burying secrets and forgetting to put air in their sister’s bicycle tires. I was a teenager myself when I saw that and first experienced Cruise’s music through David Lynch’s lens, and it shaped me in a way that a lot of the times I’m out in the night with a debaucherous agenda at hand -with admittedly is not very often anymore – echoes of this album provide my interior soundtrack.

“Oh what a wonderful world.”

Julee Cruise began working with the Peaks composer and frequent David Lynch collaborator shortly before Badalamenti himself began his first project with Lynch – the soundtrack to Blue Velvet. Badalamenti was her vocal coach. Later, while scoring said soundtrack and in need of a haunting, ethereal vocalist for a key song, Badalamenti brought in Cruise and history was made.

After Blue Velvet Cruise worked with both men again for Industrial Symphony No. 1 and then when Lynch and Badalamenti went on to produce and co-write her first album, the subject of this post. Fast forward a few years to Twin Peaks and Cruise became an integral part of the sonic landscape of the show. And what a sonic landscape it is, no? Lynch and Badalamenti drew heavily from Floating into the Night for the show (and its follow-up album, The Voice of Love which they also produced/co-wrote, for the prequel film Fire Walk With Me) and Julee Cruise was cemented into the hearts and minds of Lynch fans everywhere. Of course, still riding high on the return of Twin Peaks last week, when Melissa asked me to float her an extra seven days and Black Philip – Joup’s usual pinch hitter – told me to go fornicate with myself (the black candles he asked me to order were still sitting in my Eldritch Mirror cart when their site recently went down for updating) how could I NOT nominate this beautiful album to usher in an extended weekend where many will be watching Twin Peaks: The Return Episodes 3 and 4 for the first time and the rest of us will be re-watching them.

Of course, this album may be almost 30 years old but the artists who created it are still alive and deserving of support, so if you dig this please go buy it!

Back to you Melissa!

Shawn C Baker

Shawn C Baker

Shawn lives in Los Angeles where he co-hosts Drinking w/ Comics, writes screenplays and fiction and has been known to drink quite a bit of beer. Good beer.

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