The Joup Friday Album: Burzum – Filosofem

Burzum - FilosfemWell, Grez recently got in over his head in a high stakes poker game in Vegas and right now, none of us know where he is, so the powers that be asked if I would be so kind as to fill in for him on the Joup Friday Album this week. As a goat busy spreading the word of his Master, I’m a bit booked up, but luckily I found an open slot in my morning schedule and figured I’d turn in a quickie. So, to open up your weekend in a dark and foreboding sort’a way, I give you – Filosofem, by Burzum.

Back in the early 90s, support for my Master became pretty high profile, especially in Norway.  A lot of Black Metal bands arrived on the scene, torching christian churches and crying “Hail Satan” at the cold, Norwegian sky. Many of them were poseurs – Immortal? C’mon. Talk about douche bags – I mean, look at the posing going on in THIS album cover. Ridiculous! Remember boys and girls – it’s not how you dress, it’s how you live. That’s what the Master is all about.


There is one ultra high point from the scene, in my opinion, and that’s the early work of Varg Vikerness, aka Burzum. A cut above, for sure. The overall atmosphere of those first few Burzum records is undefinable, and definitely invites a rather ‘evil’ mindset. And Filosofem, well, to me, that is the pinnacle.

So, evil. You know. Keep that in mind over the weekend.

Now to return to the joys of spreading fear and hatred! Oh, and Joe – back to you!

Black Philp

Black Philp

Just a goat trying to spread his master’s word.

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