The Joup Friday Album: Beck – Odelay

R-235913-1359397798-9718.jpegHappy last day of summer, everyone!

It’s 90 degrees outside right now in Chicagoland as I write this, so I guess summer isn’t OVER-over, but the calendar says we’re done, and rules are rules.

Bring on the pumpkin spice and Halloween decoration plans.

My friends and I have made Riot Fest our annual end-of-summer tradition, and while the lineup was certainly less stacked than previous years, last weekend did not disappoint us. From Run the Jewels to Gary Numan to The Aquabats to that kid from Stranger Things and It‘s band, there was definitely something for everyone on the bill, screaming teenage girls included.

Seriously. Teenage girls are ALL ABOUT that kid from Stranger Things.

I seriously considered reviewing Calpurnia’s EP, Scout, but even from a satirical standpoint, reviewing the start of a 15-year-old’s  cautionary child-star tale seemed harsh, if not creepy. I’m 35 years old, for crying out loud. A few properly placed bad decisions, and I could be that awkward, pale heartthrob’s mother.

You know who else was (and arguably still is) a great awkward, pale heartthrob? Beck.

Beck graced us with his presence on Saturday night in Douglas Park. That wonderful, Muppet of a man gave one of my favorite performances of the weekend. It was a rainbow filled, laser-light greatest hits party with nonstop dancing, and a little bit of humor. If you’ve never seen him, I highly recommend it.

He opened up with “Devil’s Haircut,” and I figured I may as well do the same, so I chose Beck’s second major release, Odelay, for the album this week.

Admittedly, Odelay is an album that I’d never actually listened to. The singles were absolutely everywhere, but I’d never actually sat down to “unpack it,” as it were. I did myself a disservice on that front. The hits are definitely hits, but it’s so much better than that. Sing-a-longs like “Lord Only Knows” and kind-of-sad tracks like”Ramshackle” fit in perfectly between the songs we can all belt out the lyrics to. There’s this bit of a twang that blends itself into Beck’s style that seems to just… work. Looking at production credits featuring The Dust Brothers and Mario C., none of those sounds are necessarily surprising, but they’re no less enjoyable.

One of my favorite YouTube comments I stumbled on when finding the “right” Beck album to review this week said simply, “Beck has a genre, it’s called Beck,” and I have to say that I agree. Odelay feels both modern and old and the same time.

And that adorable Komondor on the album cover? You really can’t go wrong.

I hope you can relax and enjoy this album as much as I did. Have a great weekend.

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One Response to The Joup Friday Album: Beck – Odelay
  1. Shawn Reply

    Such a strange, noisy pop album. The only Beck album I love. I’ve always kinda considered it a “sequel” of sorts to the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique, as the Dust Bros. Did that as well.
    Great write-up and a hearty Thank You for putting Odelay on my weekend radar

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