The Joup Friday Album: Bad Religion – No Control

0045778670260-png-1200x1200_q90_cropA wise friend recently told me that they could not survive an election year without Bad Religion. Well, here we go…

“Don’t be a henchman.”

Bad Religion’s fourth album, No Control, came out in 1989. Twenty-seven years have passed, and there is still a good majority of us that haven’t learned.  We’re still blindly supporting our religious and political ideals. We’re still slaves to voting red or blue no matter who. A third-party vote is still considered garbage. I daresay that the zeitgeist has become even more toxic. The constant barrage of news, “trumped up” or otherwise, has us clawing at each other.

Bad Religion, at least to me, has never felt like just some punk band questioning authority. It’s punk in its protest, but looking deeper, there’s a lot of unity and love to what they’re trying to say.  Greg Graffin’s lyrics have an absolute poetic quality to them. His raspy croon has a certain comfort to it. It almost feels folksy. I chose No Control because I feel it embraces that feeling in a much stronger ways than their other albums.

I don’t think I need to explain why No Control is still relevant.  We simply need to look at our own election while pondering the lyrics to the title track. It kind of speaks for itself. It’s angry, but if you really listen, there are solutions offered.

It turns out reviewing an album that clocks in at just above twenty-six minutes with a blatantly obvious message leaves not much to say. I’ll keep it simple. No Control is a classic album from a band that rarely disappoints. It has a breakneck pace with beautiful melodies, dual guitars that almost vibrate at times, and a mind-blowing rhythm section. Enjoy it.

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