The Joup Friday Album – All Hallows Edition

bauhausConceding to my Will, Daniel has cleared the path to allow me to take the helm for this special weekend, that which ushers in the night of the dead, my personal favorite time of the year, Sam Hain, All Hallows, Halloween! And I have a tasty treat for you, oh true believers in all that is dark and arcane. That’s right, I’m kicking this shit off right, because what better way to usher in the darkest, most sinister night of the year than to have a Devil-ridden goat spin a disc for you? And what better disc to begin with than the original deth rock/contemporary gothic masters Bauhaus’s first entry into the musical canon of the damned?

There are none.

True story: Before I came to the surface and inhabited this body I existed as a kind of Nether Demon; I was in the higher echelons of the hierarchy of hell (I believe the acceptable term today is ‘Arch Duke’) and it was within my purview to take note of any instance where a man-made creation tore holes or created weak spots in the admittedly already thin veil between Earth and Hell. (Thin because you folks know how to torture and hurt one another and, surprise, all that agony weakens the walls, so to speak. So yeah, no matter who the Americans vote for in two weeks my brothers and sisters still hanging out on the borderlands of Hell will get a pretty nice rift to walk right on through. But I digress…)

Talk about living deliciously; in the first proper album by Peter, Daniel, David and Kevin (David being the one I know the best) boils over with sonic textures that pull on the fabric of the ayether around you. Double Dare is a slab of chewn flesh, spat against the walls of your speakers, dripping with pulped sonic snot across your peripheral awareness; God in an Alcove is alchemy, pure and simple and Stigmata Martyr…well, that one’s an invocation, an actual invocation (not telling you to who or what. You figure it out and give it a try and then we’ll talk. Oh yeah, we’ll talk then…) There’s a reason this music is so endearing. It’s a glimpse into the darkness, one that many cannot look away from. Come to me then children of flesh, come to me…

Okay, that’s enough from me. I have some serious work to do this weekend. It’s Friday night and All Hallow’s is a Monday so if you’re gonna raise hell – and please do – it’s most likely tonight or tomorrow. Let Bauhaus be your guide!

Oh, I would like to note that because no human that posts to the internet seems to consider anything before the year 1985 this is not the original version of the album, which had a simple but effective 8 songs. No, this is a reissue jam-packed with b-sides and the like. It’s cool, but I originally wanted to post the album the way the band originally penned it. That’s the really powerful one, the one whose genetic make-up tears great swathes of reality into paper. But this’ll do.

Okay Daniel, back to you!

Black Philp

Black Philp

Just a goat trying to spread his master’s word.

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