The Mental Stamina: Ep 1 Sean O’Malley

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 2.26.43 PMSo my friends Sonny V. and Joup founder Joe Grez have a podcast called The Mental Stamina. It’s great. Sonny’s the funniest guy I know of – in person or among famous ‘comedians’. Grez is a solid producer and adds a bit of the ol’ ‘straight’ man to things when they have a guest as great as Sean O’Malley on. I don’t know Sean and he’s not a ‘celebrity’. That’s the charm of the show – this is two down to earth Chicago guys having real people on to talk life, music, whatever, and tell the kind of crazy stories that make for a great listen.  I’m going to begin posting one of these a week here on Joup, but I encourage anyone that finds The Mental Stamina here to head over to their Facebook page and hit that “Like” button that Jessie Eisenberg gave to us, then click over to their hosting site here and gorge on greatness.