Thee Comic Column #118: Grant Morrison’s Nameless

Over the last few months we’ve been living in something of a Grant Morrison renaissance; after what felt like an extended absence following his seven-year run on Batman, which was admittedly peppered here and there with some limited series and a run on Action Comics that, in part, required the eventual release of Multiversity to have the proper context for fully understanding, Morrison’s presence seemed to shift to that of one of the Great Old Ones – you could feel his influence everywhere in comics – especially in DC books as his architecture begun in his run on JLA as a “Maybe one day I’ll be able to pitch my grand design” and over the course of twenty years became the scaffolding upon which DC slowly began to realize they could hang the elaborate fidora of their entire Universe on – but there was no iconic series hitting the stands month after month. We knew this resurgence was inevitable; press for the Legendary-published Annihilator, complete with mouthwatering “What the f@#k images” by series artist Frazer Irving began at least a year before the book had a release date. Morrison’s three appearance’s on Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast teased Multiversity and the still to be released Wonder Woman series. But the big question through all of this, perhaps the reason I’ve felt an absence from my favorite comics scribe when in fact, after listing all of this it seems my initial concept of a Morrison-drought seems misconstrued:

Thee Comic Column #101: Grant Morrison & Frazer Irving’s Annihilator

2014-09-10-AnnilhatorCoverI first heard about Annihilator back somewhere around this past January. Excited at the prospect of one of my favorite writers having a new original book again I waited anxiously for it to arrive. Time passed as it always does – too quickly; I didn’t hear anything else and then forgot about Annihilator in the tide of all the other great books that have been knocking me out all year. Plus, Morrison’s stuff tends to hit in waves, so somewhere inside I think I recognized that shortly after the also long-awaited Multiversity hit Annihilator might rear it’s pincered head as well (now, where’s that Wonder Woman book? And yes, Grant Morrison is the only person that could get me to read WW). And lo and behold, it did! Dropping this past Wednesday from seemingly out of the blue, Annihilator is a new original series published by Legendary Comics and created by Mr. Morrison and Frazer Irving. Mr. Irving, whose beautifully unique style you may remember from other GM projects like the Seven Soldiers of Victory series Klarion the Witch Boy or the amazing penultimate stint on Batman & Robin. Frazer’s dark tone doesn’t fit all of Morrison’s projects, but the writer has a dark side that goes deep and for the ones that really get out there Mr. Irving is the perfect artist to bring them to life. Thus, if Irving’s presence and the set-up of this first issue are any indication, Annihilator is going to go to some terrifying dark places. We’re talking black hole dark, and fittingly Annihilator #1 opens at the edge of a black hole, specifically the real life IE 1740.7 2942. Sagittarius A*. From there we follow the character on the cover, one Max Nomax, who is not only something of an intergalactic super villain but also the main character in one-time wunderkind Hollywood screenwriter Ray Spass’s (pronounced “Space”) new screenplay. Spass needs this Max Nomax script to dig him out of the money-burning black hole he’s put himself in with drugs, booze, hookers and a handful of years since his most notable success. But Max Nomax may have other plans for Mr. Spass…

Thee Comic Column #6: Grant Morrison’s Happy

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Grant Morrison, the iconic, rock god-like comic book creator who gave us The Invisibles, The Filth, Joe the Barbarian (to name but a few) and performed amazing overhauls on books such as Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Batman and Marvel’s X-Men* is back with his first creator-owned series in some time. And it’s good. Oh brothers and sisters of the paneled page, one of issue of Happy! has me giddy to the gills and ready for more!