Average Joe Photography #3: Skateboarding in Venice Beach, CA

Venice Beach Skatepark (Joe Grez - Joup)

Venice Beach Skatepark (Joe Grez – Joup)

Flying back from the Far East took me through Los Angeles and with it a reunion with none other then my co-publisher at Joup, a man by the name of Shawn C. Baker. It was most certainly a homecoming and LA, for better or worse, is quite the slice of Americana. Bakes had some time off so we decided to head north from his home in San Pedro out to Venice Beach and it’s post-hippie-chic-glitz-glam. Our main objective wasn’t the show though, it was to catch Sunday skateboarding at the recently renovated Venice Beach skatepark. After all, this is where all the four-wheel action began. So let’s take a look at the shots and go into a bit of detail about them.

Average Joe Photography #2: Night Sports Photography with Chiang Rai United FC

Chiang Rai United FC v. Samut Songkhram F.C. 12.5.13 (Joe Grez/Sesame/Joup)

Chiang Rai United FC v. Samut Songkhram F.C. 12.5.13 (Joe Grez/Sesame/Joup)

The Raging Mackerel of Samut Songkhram were visiting the The Fighting Beetles of Chiang Rai this past Sunday so I decided to take my camera to United Stadium near the airport for this Thai Premier League clash and capture the action. Now in retrospect, I should have seen if I could garner a press pass. Joup after all is a publication, but I caught wind of the game a bit late so I was subjected to the stands and certain positions that were still within 5m of the action. Using my normal average Joe set-up I stuck with my 55-250mm the entire night because of the necessity for distance shots. Let’s look at what we came up with and go into detail about the shots: