New Music Enthusiast’s Club: Leonino

leoninoLeonino – Naked Tunes

Leonino is the latest project from legendary Chilean artist Jorge Gonzalez, original member of and songwriter for the highly influential 80’s band Los Prisioneros.  Coming up in Pinochet’s Chile, Gonzalez’s music was a resistance to the dictatorship, a rising cry for the alienated and disaffected youth of the nation.  The group’s particular brand of new wave flavored, rock-a-billy punk made them arguably the biggest band in their native Chile, saw them achieve immense popularity throughout the rest of Latin America, and culminated with tours with artists like Peter Gabriel and Bruce Springsteen.  And then they disbanded in the early 1990’s.

New Music Enthusiast’s Club: Amatus

amatusAmatus – Broken Compass EP

Ah, the remix, the loving testament of re-imagining or reinterpreting a piece of audio art and putting one’s own sonic stamp on it. They’re fun to listen to, and it’s always a joy to discover one that equals, if not improves upon, the original jam…which brings us to producer Jneiro Jarel’s spacey and ethereal take on Brooklyn R&B synth-pop artist Amatus and her song “Messin’.”

New Music Enthusiast’s Club: Latimer House

latimer houseLatimer House – All the Rage

There’s something to be said for old pop sounds that work and wind their way into newer, modern made music, the everlasting and transcending sonic tropes of the innovators that came before, like tapping into some kind of cosmic consciousness or current. Hailing from Prague, guitar pop quartet Latimer House wade in the soothing sounds of 60’s psych pop and 70’s rock and new wave on their album All the Rage, crafting quirky, yet familiar pop nuggets readily available for your consumption.

Joup Confessions…

chicagoI do not care for enjoying things ironically, whether it be music, film, or so on. If something is bad…it’s just bad. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it. Maybe it’s unintentionally hilarious. Maybe it takes you back to younger years. Maybe you just don’t care what I think, or anybody else for that matter. If it makes you feel good, then there’s no guilt in it. There are no guilty pleasures.

But there most certainly are shameful ones.

The Joup Friday Album: Suede – Coming Up

Suede Coming UpThough it may seem unlikely, the arid and dusty oil town of Midland in west Texas was a hotbed for Britpop music…or at least that was the case in the bedrooms, car stereos, and headphones of my friends and me in the mid 90’s. As the once mighty grunge scene of the Pacific Northwest began to putter out, we found ourselves on a quest for a new scene, a new group of almost familial bands to nod our heads and tap our feet to. Britpop got there just in time.

35 Albums in 35 Years: 1999

In an ongoing attempt to bleed my opinions all over your computer screen, I’m selecting one album from every year that I’ve been alive that has some sort of significance to me…and then writing about it. Welcome back to 35 Albums in 35 Years.


magnetic fields1999: The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs

“Now my heart’s running round like a chicken with its head cut off.”

Joup’s Friday Album: Olivia Tremor Control – Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume 1

oliviatremorcontrolblackfoliageTrying to cram as much music into my brain as i can muster over this week, so I’m just going to have to eek this one out as quickly as possible.  In 1998 I had brief, but pretty awesome stint as a deejay at a college radio station, KVRX 91.7 at UT Austin.  Among the hordes and scores of bands, artists, and music that I was exposed to during that time, one of my very favorites was Olivia Tremor Control, a group of kids from Louisiana (which happens to be where I’m from) who were a part of the famed Elephant 6 collective, a large group of bands including Neutral Milk Hotel and The Apples in Stereo and many, many others.  All of the bands involved pull from various influences, most notably 1960’s pop, psych, and folk.  In so many ways Elephant 6 just took what The Beatles started 50 years ago and ran with it.

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