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Motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

I was watching a documentary on Netflix the other night. In an opulent Florida hotel’s conference room, a defeated looking stringbean of a boy was sobbing confessions of suicidal ideation into the face of a millionaire weightlifter surrounded by an audience of strangers with whom all he had in common was the $5,000 dollar-wide hole in his pocket. Before soaking-up the boy’s despair, the muscular man – who was so strong, even his vocal chords were audibly ‘pumped’ – sort of Vogued, or did the robot or something, spun around a few times, jumped on a child’s trampoline a couple more for good measure, before ascending a handful of steps , emerging through a curtain to the conference room’s stage and fist-pumping the crowd into a frenzy with some kick ass 90s techno music before roaring a primal scream to the heavens. I mean, it looked and sounded like a roar, but I suppose it could have been a long, drawn-out slow motion guffaw at being the Cat’s Mulberry silk Pyjama’s in a room full of self-affirmed losers paying him for being so great.

Top Ten of 2015 (These Are a Few of My Favorite Things)

topten2015Eyes blurred and head foggy, this year went by in a flurry. There was just so much to take in…everywhere…everyday, scores of great albums, great movies, great TV shows, great books, great comics, great beer, and more, more, more! So this year, rather than do a run through of my favorite records, songs, etc., I picked ten different things from pop culture that made my 2015 awesome. Though, if you are interested, you can and should check out my year-end album list, song list, and movie list. There’s some good stuff in there, I swear.

Thee Comic Column #126: Daredevil & The MMU

Netflix-Daredevil-Costume-3Everyone else on the Internet wrote about Marvel’s new Daredevil series last week when it dropped on Netflix. I’m still only a little over halfway through the season as I write this, however I simply can’t NOT write about a comic-based show this damn good. That said, what I really want to talk about here isn’t merely how great a show Daredevil is, or how wonderful the show is cast, the fact that besides the obvious magnificence of Mr. Cox and Mr. D’onofrio as hero and foil, Elden Henson is the perfect Foggy Nelson, Vondie Curtis-Hall kills as Ben Urich* and Deborah Ann Woll has added a level of innocence back to a character that, for those of us who have read Born Again, stopped associating with Ms. Page a long time ago. No, what I really want to get into is my own absolute admiration for Marvel’s big picture, the saintly patience with which they stalk their master plan and how they’ve consistently been able to transform and translate EVERYTHING they’ve brought to the silver screen – little or big – since 2006’s Iron Man led the way.