The Joup Friday Album: Mr. Bungle – California

mrbungleI got to see Faith No More a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been in full on Mike Patton mode ever since. Few artists have inspired the kind of rabid fanaticism in me that Patton has, and in that stretch of years in between when Faith No More disbanded and then reunited, I sought out everything the man created, even the most perfunctory of musical endeavors or guest spots. And while he most certainly has had a misstep here or there, the vast bulk of projects, collaborations, and appearances he has contributed to are resoundingly good, or at the very least interesting. It’s his willingness to experiment and to draw influence from practically every style or genre conceivable that gives his work its oomph. And it all started before he was even in Faith No More with a different group of West Coast weirdos called Mr. Bungle.

Joup Confessions… Slipknot


Note: The “Confessions” aspect of this piece pertains to Slipknot, not Mr. Bungle. I’m still a little iffy about talking about how much I like the first Slipknot record. I shout my Bungle-ness from the highest mountains!


After actively dismissing them for several years following Slipknot’s 1999 eponymous debut was released I eventually finally gave in to the fact that I could not deny that there is a certain power to the record. This recognition in the face of all my cons – real or imagined – began with an inability – no matter how hard I tried – to dismiss the track Eyeless, forever erroneously known to me by the bastardized name Marlon Brando’s Eyes.