Thee Comic Column #93: The Fitzroy’s Kickstarter

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In this age of social media information often ends up appearing as if by magick. Often I consume so much data via twitter, facebook, blogs, articles and emails that everything ends up running together into a big, translucent corridor of words and impressions that it is then hard to cull through for actual, useable fact. This is especially true of the independent world for films, comics, music – art in general. There is so much stuff bubbling around in the underground that sometimes it’s hard to hang onto it all. The Fitzroy is one thing though that I’ve had no trouble hanging onto since I first encountered it, as the sensibilities of its story, its visual style and its tone are something that my heart and soul tell me I have evidently been waiting for someone to create for a long time. And now someone has.

Thee Comic Column #84: Gun Up Paintball

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Recently while filming issue #6 of Drinking with Comics (which should be up in about a week) I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Cassidy James, the creator of a fledgling independent book named Gun Up Paintball. After talking with Cassidy I knew I wanted to write about the book  as it looks and sounds like a fantastic project and is of course the very definition of an ‘indie’ project. The following is our conversation about Gun Up Paintball!


Thee Comic Column #72: Wicker

Last year I came across a comic called Ruin. After researching Ruin in its embryonic state I contacted and interviewed creators Darker Sho and Ruben Rojas. The Ruin kickstarter was a success and Ruin is in production.

Thee Comic Column #55: Interview w/ the Creators of RUIN

Banger2One of the things I really want to try to focus on more with this column is the world of independent comics. We live in an age when things can be seen and heard without the sponsorship of big, multi-media corporations; no longer are they the gatekeepers. That said, with a leveled playing field across the board how do you make your vision stand out and attract the attention of the millions of web users whose attention everyone else is also vying? It takes everyone who is interested in something, everyone who sees something they think others will like to spread the word and help make these projects happen.

Thee Comic Column #48: UGLI Studios Presents #2 – An Interview w/ Jason Lenox

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UGLI Studios has only recently come on my radar. They are a small, totally independent imprint that releases very high quality books that their creators put A LOT of work into. With the just-released anthology UGLI Studios Presents #2 is now available for order on their founder and artist extraordinaire Jason Lenox’s website, I was recently able to throw some questions at Mr. Lenox. Here’s what we spoke about.

SCB:You’re fresh off a successful Kickstarter that helped make the new Ugli Studios Presents Vol#2 possible. Do you feel that the age of crowdsourcing changed the game for you and other independent comics publishers?

Thee Comic Column #37: Interview: Ryan Black & The Kickstarter for his “Tension” Comic

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Ryan Black (AKA Ryan Gunwitch Black in music circles) is a man of many trades. I was first introduced to him via his Killbilly band Ghostwitch Family Band. Now the man has an indie comic book in the works titled Tension and the minute I saw the video for it on Kickstarter – which you can watch and contribute to until the end of the month of May HERE  – I knew I wanted to interview him. As my readers will have no doubt surmised I LOVE comics, but I also LOVE indie stuff. It was with great thrill that a little over a year ago I watched Brendon Seifert and Lukas Ketner’s comic Witchdoctor go from some awesome-looking posts on Warren Ellis’ forum Whitechapel to full on comic success, and that’s what I am both hoping and expecting to happen with Black’s Tension; it looks that damn good. Recently I had the privilege of interviewing Black via email. Here’s that session in its entirety: