The Joup Friday Album: Jay Reatard – Singles 06-07

jayreatardHonestly, I’ve always wished that I could have made (and still make) my living playing music.  To be in a band.  To be a musician, on the road, in the studio, on stage or in the corner in clubs and bars and dives across the world.   Or, just as a session guy or recording artist, a local residency to play to a roomful of folks every weekend.  I was in a band for a few years.  We played some shows and recorded an album.  I suppose it could have happened.  But it didn’t.  And now I’m left with some fond, if fading memories, and some halfcocked daydreams that surface when I’m bored…OR when I hear certain songs or albums or artists.  And so, we have the wonderful, all-too-short career of Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr., better known to you and me as punk and garage rock troubadour Jay Reatard.

The Joup Friday Album: Roky Erickson and The Aliens – The Evil One

rokyericksonFull disclosure: I am super stoked that I ended up with the Halloween edition of Joup’s Friday Album.  That being said, it was actually kind of difficult to narrow my options down to one solid choice.  I skidded around from Goth metal to dark and creepy drone, from horror scores to silly, Halloween themed surf rock, finally settling on The Evil One, Roky Erickson and The Aliens’ punk and 80’s rock riff on all things monster movie.  This 1981 opus has everything: monsters, demons, zombies, vampires, and the devil himself.  It plays out like a love letter to a midnight B-movie marathon.

35 Albums in 35 Years: 2003

In an ongoing attempt to bleed my opinions all over your computer screen, I’m selecting one album from every year that I’ve been alive that has some sort of significance to me…and then writing about it. Welcome back to 35 Albums in 35 Years.


wrens2003: The Wrens’ The Meadowlands