The Joup 2014 Year-End Blow-Out Spectacular: Tommy’s Picks

So we’ve reached the end of another year, and we’re all a little older, a little wiser, and starting to go a little gray…at least I am. Looking back, it seems like a whole lot of terrible shit went down this year, and it most certainly did. Ebola is wreaking havoc in Africa and rearing its ugly mug stateside, we keep losing airplanes, there are naked pictures of everyone everywhere, the Cold War is beginning anew, and race relations seem to be in the same state that they were 50 years ago. It’s all a mess. And it’s enough to make you want to turn in and just escape the world. And to a degree, that’s what we do, and that’s what we’re all about. So, horrible introductions aside, I still consumed a lot of pop culture this year, and as to whether it served as some sort of escape or not doesn’t really matter. I still listened to it. I still watched it. I still read it. These are the things I liked the most…

Pussy Galore! A Definitive Ranking of the Bond Movie Themes

jamesbondThe first cassette I ever bought for myself with my own money was either a compilation of 80’s hits that featured Duran Duran, The Thompson Twins, and Quiet Riot among others or a collection of theme songs from James Bond movies.  For the sake of this article, I’m going with the tape of James Bond movie themes.  It was awesome.  Every theme from Dr. No to For Your Eyes Only was included, as well as some additional film score and incidental music.  I loved it.  I listened to that tape until the plastic casing cracked and the magnetic tape creased and warbled.  My affinity for Bond films was born in that moment, with a special place in my heart for all those opening credit tunes.  Oh, how they molded me.

Holy Cow! It’s Tommy’s Favorite Albums and Movies of 2013

Well, if my clocks are correct and Ryan Seacrest and Carson Daly did not lie to me a couple of nights ago, 2014 has officially begun.  So allow me to get my jollys by bombarding you all with some last second year-end, best-of lists.  To be fair, I’m repeating myself here, having already spewed opinion and favoritism all over my blog page, so in the spirit of brevity, I’m limiting myself to my top 5 albums of 2013 and my top 5 films of 2013 (for the full lists, go here and here).  Without further ado, let’s get to the ranking and filing…