Sign Joup’s Petition: Hugh Laurie as Marvel’s Dr. Stephen Strange

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Okay, with yesterday’s announcement of Marvel Phase 3 containing not only the long-talked about Ant Man movie but a Dr. Strange film as well there’s obviously been an outcry for various actors to play the cosmic sage of the strange. Johnny Depp is probably the favorite thus far, but I’ve also seen some sizing up of Liam Neeson. Both would be awesome, but really judging from the way in which Marvel has VERY SUCCESSFULLY employed a casting protocol that eschews superstars with large price tags for seasoned character actors (Anthony Hopkins, Mark Ruffalo, Hugo Weaving or even RDJ, who really only returned to superstardom after his casting in Iron Man) and up-and-comers I think Depp is out of their price range. Neeson would be great, but for this film we believe there is an underdog that a lot of folks might not have considered – one that would bring his own special set of theatrical skills and a fitting demeanor to Strange’s pentacle-inscribed table: Hugh “House M.D.” Laurie. In the interest of spreading the word we here at Joup have made a petition at (fully recognizing that, A) to use such an altruistic site for trivialities such as this constitutes gross ridiculousness and, B) no matter how many people support this it’s nto a sure-fire thing but hey, we figured it might be a good way to get Marvel’s attention).

If Hugh Laurie as Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme sounds like a good idea to you, please follow the link and sign our petition. And thanks. The petition is located and can be supported here: Laurie for Strange

image courtesy of Hugh Laurie’s Last.FM page

Shawn C Baker

Shawn C Baker

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