Sh!t Song of the Week “Eye in the Sky”

Alan ParsonsHave you ever been driving in traffic trying to find something halfway decent to listen to on the radio? There is a station in Chicago called 87.7 Me TV FM and it is a go to on my presets when I am looking for oldies or something to clear my head after a loud day. Maybe one minute you will hear “Brandy” by Looking Glass, “Lonely Too Long” by the Rascals or some Motown stuff like a song by Marvin Gaye or the Supremes. However, seven times out of ten I hear some really bad songs and they wind up getting stuck in my head and it seems like the bad songs dig deeper in to your psyche and become perpetual earworms.

This past week I heard the song “Eye in the Sky” by the Alan Parsons Project and it is weighing heavy on my mind like Andre the Giant riding an elephant through a Hallmark gift store. As I watch the scenario play out in my brain the clay Precious Moments figurines get trampled in the store amongst the stuffed animals, foil balloons and overpriced greeting cards. I think exclusively of chaos and anarchy. I have a thirst for destruction and violence. After the debauchery ends and the dust settles I hear a familiar sound emitting from the house speakers “I am the eye in the sky / Looking at you / I can read your mind / I am the maker of rules / Dealing with fools / I can cheat you blind”.

“Eye in the Sky” is a horrible earworm and a yawning festival of a song. This song has killed more innocent drivers and pedestrians than NyQuil and Zima combined. The song has the potential to turn people suddenly narcoleptic and causes seizures, dry mouth, and diarrhea. Stop listening to “Eye in the Sky” if you develop a rash, abdominal bleeding, prolonged erections, fits of rage or thoughts of suicide. Don’t listen to “Eye in the Sky” if you are allergic to denim, staples, vanilla extract, Monster energy drink, Gordon’s fish sticks, or unsalted peanuts. Contact your doctor immediately if symptoms worsen after exposure to a partial eclipse of the moon or a light emitting diode wall mount fixture.

This is just my two cents on a three cent matter but “Eye in the Sky” by the Alan Parson’s Project strongly qualifies to be the Sh!t song of the week. I am getting tired.

Sonny Vitkauskas

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