Shit Song Of The Week

Ok so I picture a guy in a shitty motel watching his wedding video, empty bottle of Cutty Sark on the bed, his big toe on the trigger of the Mossberg shotgun. Dave Mason is an extremely talented musician and songwriter. He worked with the likes of Derek and the Dominos, Traffic, Delaney & Bonnie, Early Fleetwood Mac, just to name a few. Mason is a well respected man amongst his musician peers no argument there. “We just Disagree” just lacks what I like about Mason and the tone of the song evokes memories for me of shit hole bars on the southwest side of Chicago. Places where grown men drink their cock off at the bar and call you a fag for wearing a scarf in the winter. I’ve physically seen a chubby old punter cry in his beer to this song and it was off putting. I swore I would never let it happen to me and if it did I’ll be listening to Jeery Lee Lewis sing “You win Again” over Dave Mason’s “We just Disagree” Enjoy this weeks shit song. Sorry Dave we just disagree.

3 Responses to Shit Song Of The Week
  1. sonny vitkauskas Reply

    It is all subjective but my memories of that song are not fun for me. It’s the story of my parents more or less plus add in the shitty bars on the south side that I frequented in my early drinking years the song became an anthem of “I give up” or Lost love” or even worse the soundtrack of many divorces. Thanks for sharing Jackie!

  2. Jackfry13 Reply

    HAHA! ok I agree with the scenery you have expereinced but this also birng back warm and fuzzies for me..OMG I love this song!! – Must be because I was always in tow with the old man at the bar on Saturday afternoons on the way to the grocery store! C’mon what about the lyrics…’There ain’t no good guy, there ain’t no bad guy”..

  3. Shawn C. Baker Reply

    Laughed out loud. Literally.

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