Shit Song Of The Week “Bad Day” Daniel Powter

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 6.55.04 PMThis week’s Shit Song of the Week is way too easy I can already hear the complaints. However, instead of ripping on Daniel Powter for making this completely fabricated, pop turd I will instead simply try to convey how the song and video for ‘Had a bad Day’ makes me feel.

I often ponder how and why certain pieces of military weaponry were conceived. Take for example the Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, or R.P.G. as some call it. This weapon has a certain allure to it. It basically solves a problem like, “Hmm…I can’t throw a grenade as far as I would like to but I still want to annihilate Dan and the whole cast of the ‘Had a bad Day’ video from about 400 yards away. I can’t throw a grenade 400 yards but my trusty old RPG would wreck that shit so severely they would need a squeegee to clean that place up.

Had a bad day? See you in hell Dan.

Enjoy today’s shit song of the week.

2 Responses to Shit Song Of The Week “Bad Day” Daniel Powter
  1. sonny vitkauskas Reply

    Nice! Ass crust. LMAO thanks for your spot on feedback. Cheers

  2. Melissa Fowler

    Melissa Fowler Reply

    Totally agree. This song gladly eats ass crust like it was caviar.

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