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Back in November I wrote about Prometheus’ eminent release here. At the end of that article I offered a one-line sililoquy that I held very tightly to my chest over the last week as my wife and I ordered our advance tickets and prepared to embark on a Friday night that would consist of finally seeing Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, the much-heralded film that would apparently – if the internet was to be believed – contain a “final eight minutes that lead directly into the original Alien movie”. That sililoquy was a simple but pivitol one – I hoped I had not set my expectations too high.

I did not.

First, I’d like to say that as I’d suspected, thankfully Prometheus is not a prequel to Scott’s 1979 Alien film. It does however contain elements that introduce major elements of that series. But here’s the thing – and I’m not in the habit of dishing out spoiler material and ruining films for others, so I have to watch what I say here – the Universe that Scott and subsequent Alien film writers and directors, effects wizards and a myriad of other film folks have contructed over the previous thirty-odd years is a rich and textured one. Doesn’t it make sense that there would be an infinite amount of stories to tell within it’s walls? Most of them revolving in some way around The Weyland Corp, which realistically is sort of the de facto ‘Adam’ of this Universe,  as we’ve seen it thus far. And that makes sense – whether the future version we know from the Alien franchise, the Weyland-Yutani Corp., or Prometheus’ single-cell Weyland Corp, this is a Corporation as A WORLD POWER* and the impetus for off-world exploration, as well as terra farming, surgery pods, cryo-sleep, interstellar travel, human-like artifical intelligence and god knows what else -and Weyland Corp. is apparently responsible for all of it. 

So why remain in the realms of what we already know about this Universe when there should clearly be so much more to it? Think of what we’ve already seen so far in the other movies – prison planets, interstellar pirates and off-world colonies, and you have to wonder – how many other stories are out there?

Billions right?

So isn’t it time then to switch gears and follow another path for a while? If you read some of the reviews online you’ll see a lot of people claiming Prometheus doesn’t live up to its status as a “prequel” to the Alien series, but that’s because IT IS NOT AN ALIEN PREQUEL.  What’s more, Scott never said it was. The prequel tag was attached to the film via expectant third parties during anxious, pre-release discourse. Again, all Scott said was that the last few minutes of the film would lead directly into, or set-up the original Alien film. In any given story, events we see will lead into events we do not see – cause and effect. Rarely do we get the chance to see where secondary events in a film or series lead – but now, with this re-branding of the Alien Universe, which should henceforth really be thought of as the Weyland Universe, we have the wonderfully unique chance to follow new yet strangely familiar characters into other, previously unknown pockets and witness other, more important events in that world.

And for that I loved Prometheus and can only hope there will be a sequel. Not another entry into the Alien franchise, but another step further down the path this film started us on, into another corner of the Weyland Universe.

Ridley Scott – Good show sir!!!


*Which by the way is where we are headed

Shawn C Baker

Shawn C Baker

Shawn lives in Los Angeles where he co-hosts Drinking w/ Comics, writes screenplays and fiction and has been known to drink quite a bit of beer. Good beer.

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