Manila rally hopes to spark protests world round

Manila, Philippines — Tentions between the Phillipines and China are escalating as hundreds of Philippino protestors took to the street again on Friday noontime in front the Chinese Embassey in the Makita area of Manila. Officals of both countries are stuggling for control over Scarborough Shoal and Huangyan Island in the center of the South China Sea (West Phillipian Sea). The dispute began over a month ago as both nations have ships station in a show of sovereignty.

Protest pic photo Courtest of Radyo Inquirer Philippinos lined Gil J. Puyat Avenue in Makita City south of central Manila, many of them with banners and signs in hand reading “China Back Off.” The protestors disrupted an already highly congested traffic area of the city. Though the protests remained non-violent a protester was seen setting fire to the Chinese national flag. Security officers remained on hand through out the day. Chinese officials warned those Chinese living or visting in Manila to stay of the streets on Friday en lieu of the rising tension.

Leading Chinese online travel agency on Wednesday announced its decision to suspend its trips to the islands under supposed threat to Chinese nationals. Under the current circumstances, “trips to the Philippines have potential safety risks”, said the agency.

No reports of any violence attributed to situtaion in Manila were reported as of early evening.

The Philippines believe the shoal is their territory because it lies within its economic zone.

The standoff area, some 130 miles (200 kilometers) from the Philippine island of Luzon, began in mid April when Manila sent a naval vessel to the area to investigate Chinese fishing boats it believed were illegally fishing there.

The Chinese countered with surveillance vessels, preventing the Philippine navy sailors from arresting the fishermen and starting the maritime deadlock. China says the fishing boats were just seeking shelter in the lagoon.

The PLA Daily, the official Chinese military newspaper, has warned anyone that challenges China’s sovereignty. “We want to say that anyone’s attempt to take away China’s sovereignty over Huangyan Island will not be allowed by the Chinese government, people and armed forces,” the newspaper said, according to Xinhua, the state-run news agency.

The zoning of the Asian sea has been a hotspot for decades for not only China and the Philippines but Malasia, Brunei and Thailand as well.

The protest hopes to spark a world wide demonstration in front of more Chinese embassies on Friday May 11th over what Philippines feel is a show of unnecessary dominance over the their nation and this sea of Asia.

Joe Grez

Joe Grez

Joe Grzesik (JGrez) is still an artist developer trying to keep up with new technologies. Photography still has been one of his strongest passions. However, now his main focus has led him back to music where he teaches guitar, piano, saxophone and percussion privately. Music education can never be short changed.

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