New Window’s Platform Plans to Eliminate Browser Variety???

This would normally be Grez’s territory, and I’m largely in the dark as to a lot of the theory and terminology at use here, so I’m writing this as I would write it to him, hoping he can click in and add/expand on some of this. Normally I wouldn’t try and tackle that of which I can’t hold my weight in conversation about, but this transcends the theory and directly affects daily life of the consumer computer culture (READ AS: a large percent of the world) so I want to get it out there for our readers.

Microsoft is gearing up to release their new platform, WOA and in doing many people have accused the one-time anti-trust violators of parsing back user choice when it comes to web browsers. Mozilla insiders have cried foul for more than a month now, claiming windows is deliberately trying to reduce Windows 8 users from utilizing any browser but internet explorer – a browser that, to weigh in my own two cents – I think is the most lackluster of the options out there.

Is this an attempt by a company that can’t keep up (in some respects) to stake out their territory by forcing their (again, in my opionion) subpar system on their platform patrons, or is this entire thing just blown out of proportion?

Grez, you know more in this arena than I do, so if you have time please feel free to weigh in. Otherwise I’m open to any comments that could save our readers some time and money, or that might point out just how far I’ve missed teh point (happens sometimes, especially in the world of tech) ; also, here’s a wealth of links that can clarfiy the more technical aspects of this than I could ever hope to. Again, I just wanted to throw a heads up into the water, because I know a lot of folks that still adhere to the Windows side of life…,2817,2404376,00.asp

 And here’s some architectural tech text (say that three times fast) for those who are “in the know”.


Shawn C Baker

Shawn C Baker

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