Joup Friday (Err…Saturday) Feature Album: Brigitte Bardot Sings

Brigitte Bardot Sings (Phillips)

Brigitte Bardot Sings (Phillips)

So I’ve been staying in Logan Square in Chicago. Been subletting from my very good friend Liz whom is now in Oakland, CA running the wonderful conservatory Mynah Music. You can read my interview with her about Mynah here.

She’s a wonderful musician, accomplished in violin, piano and even guitar. I’m lucky enough to have an apartment that has a turntable and a great selection of international music. I’ve added to that collection thanks to Reckless Records in Wicker Park. But Liz had a hidden little jem by one Brigitte Bardot. Yeah, that Brigette Bardot, you know…And God Created Woman. Probably every man (especially French men) in the late 50s and early 60s dreamed about her and every woman…well I can’t really speak for them. She was though, an original “supermodel.” Truly.

What I did not know is how prolific of a singer she was. She released 11 full length albums (And God Created Woman the album feature music from the soundtrack, with her only making a few appearances). While the album I’d like to present to you is Brigitte Bardot Sings, I can not find it on YouTube. Thus I’ll do my best to find at least some of the songs and post links to them.

The review on is quite favorable. There is also a complete track listing there. Although many at the time thought is was a hodgepodge of various genres including latin, jazz and go-go it works well. I’m sure many thought she did not boost the most angelic voice, but in no means is it poor and actually quite good at times including on the articulate Les Amis De La Musique (translated: Friends of Music). Where it lacks is on her version of Everybody Loves My Baby yet somehow this even fits in with a sort of charming girly cabaret vibe.

Is Brigitte Bardot Sings a parody of herself? Perhaps but really this is not a bad thing. I mean it is BB after all. Great record to enjoy with some wine and your girl. It puts you in a dimly lit lounge with a seven-piece and hot number in a long black dress with a slit up the leg…man I really like the 60s and French birds.

If you can find this LP in a second record shop (which I bet you can for cheap too) buy it. You’ll thank me later. I have Liz to thank, yet again.

Shawn, I believe it’s back to you, but how could you possibly top BB?

Here some links to cuts I found:

Everybody Loves My Baby

Les Amis De La Musique

Noir Et Blanc

El Cuchipe

Joe Grez

Joe Grez

Joe Grzesik (JGrez) is still an artist developer trying to keep up with new technologies. Photography still has been one of his strongest passions. However, now his main focus has led him back to music where he teaches guitar, piano, saxophone and percussion privately. Music education can never be short changed.

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