Joup Friday Album: Sun Structures – Temples

Sun Structures - Temples (Image courtesy of Heavenly Records)

Sun Structures – Temples
(Image courtesy of Heavenly Records)

The first time I heard the track “Shelter Song” I was sitting a bar in Chicago’s near North waiting on a friend. “OK, this song just put me into a trance,” I thought and immediately pulled out the trusty iPhone to use SoundHound. Love that app. Really I do. It does an outstanding job of figuring out a specific artist based based on the song that is played. I realize this is not new technology as there are a handful of apps that provide such a service like Shazam and musiXmatch. What I like about SoundHound is that no subscription is needed and I can email the song and artist to myself for future reference. Done. Went and bought the Temples “Sun Structures” the next day.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, I am obsessed with English music. And yet again I found something I appreciate out of the small town of Kettering, which is North of London by just over 100 KM (60 miles). According to Wiki, Temples “was initially formed as a home studio project in mid 2012.” Thomas Edward James Walmsley and James Edward Bagshaw were members of rival bands in the town in the mid-naughts and later worked together in the project The Moons. Bagshaw had also fronted a group called Sukie that charted the single “Pink-A-Pade” at Number 1 on the UK Indie Chart. Walmsley also featured Sukie in his fanzine “Siren,” so the history was there from the beginning.

Then came the side project of Temples which Walmsley and Bagshaw recorded four songs and post them on youtube to the attention of Heavenly Recordings. The Label released “Shelter Song” as a Single and then EP only to follow with lead track on premier LP “Sun Structures.” They recruited local Kettering drummer James Edward Bagshaw and multi-instrumentalist Adam Thomas Smith to round out a live group.

What really speaks to me about the Temples is the reverb. I can’t get enough of it. I want to bath in it, smother myself in it and drink it all down. Like a chocolate covered multi-colored centered dream. That’s what Sun Structures gives me. Perhaps in the lineage of The Bees or South of the early naughts, Temples are no strangers to wearing their psychedelic stripes on their sleeves. Take “Shelter Song” for instance. Just watch the video and tell me this does not embody your idea of LSD.

But really Temples are more than their candy-coated exterior. Tasty timely licks, lyrics and harmonies. Other standout tracks include the synth string laden “Colours To Life,” the distance calling “A Question isn’t Answered” and the triumphant organ ode “The Golden Throne.” The latest has a Leslie to cream for. Yes, I said to cream for.

So yeah thanks to the bar (muzak or satellite radio?), SoundHound and mostly importantly Temples. Somehow you found me and given me an album of the year so far. Dream on, please…is Chester next? I think so…

Post note: Temples are getting some recognition from accomplished English recording artist Noel Gallagher formerly of Oasis. He feels the BBC should be recognizing them as well. Read more here.

Joe Grez

Joe Grez

Joe Grzesik (JGrez) is still an artist developer trying to keep up with new technologies. Photography still has been one of his strongest passions. However, now his main focus has led him back to music where he teaches guitar, piano, saxophone and percussion privately. Music education can never be short changed.

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