The Joup Friday Album: LCD Soundsystem- Sound Of Silver

LCD-Soundsystem-Sound-Of-Silver-1488988687Sound of silver talk to me, makes you wanna feel like a teenager

Until you remember the feelings of

A real life emotional teenager 

Then you think again.

What is cool? What does it mean to be relevant? To have a voice or impact on a certain type of counter culture? How will it be felt or remembered? Usually in order to do so you have to do something revelatory. Make something – let’s say an album (I mean this is a record review after all) – that does something stylistically that has never been done before. Pushing boundaries of the genre you have carved your niche as an artist. Making a record that many will try to imitate by putting their own variations on.  Does that situation always have to be the case? No It certainly doesn’t. Sometimes an artist makes a decision to hearken back to what influenced them the most and create something that comes from an era that influenced them; make something that stands up just as well with other records that are deemed classics in the genre and artist is trying to imitate. There’s nothing wrong with wearing your influences on your selves. Enter: LCD Soundsystem;  a much beloved act in the indie world that made a career out of this and a pivotal album in the process, 2007’s Sound Of Silver.

LCD Soundsystem, for those who don’t know, is the project of James Murphy: Producer and founder of the record label DFA based out of New York that set the tone for the early 00’s “New Wave Revival” bringing out acts like The Rapture and Hot Chip and making angular guitar driven 80’s dance rock trendy again. And of course a major figure head in this scene was none other than Murphy’s own LCD Soundsystem, who released their self titled debut album in 2005. With tracks like “Losing My Edge” and “Daft Punk Is Playing In My House” Murphy’s project proved to be something more than a revivalist group. This is a music nerd’s band who play for music nerds. With any good music nerd discussion, talk of an artist’s discography the discussion of seminal works often gets brought up. It seems fitting when talking about this project it’s their 2007 sophomore release and a record that just celebrated it’s 10th birthday that would be a clear candidate for top dog in that discussion; Sound Of Silver.

Right from the get-go, the drawn-out and spacious rave of album opener “Get Innocuous”, that this record is going for broke to be a stand out dance rock classic that it is and proves itself to be for the albums entire run time. Sound Of Silver fires off ear worms and hooks left and right, and drum hook there a chorus here it never ceases to be engaging and endlessly listenable. I would expect nothing less from a source that is obviously widely knowledgeable and deeply in love with underground rock and dance music that Murphy is known to be. I mean hell this is the guy that sang about being the first person to play Daft Punk at CBGB’s, of course their going to know how to write some memorable dance music but it’s great to see how much and how well Sound Of Silver continues to hold up and still sounds retroactively fresh to this day.

Through the way Sound Of Silver proves to be more than just a fun record to put on but also a bold statement of the life of someone being involved in a music scene and well….just life in general. While their may be heavy synths and disco drum beats this isn’t an album about losing yourself and having a good time. Part of what makes this record and much of LCD Soundsystem’s work as a whole is how endlessly in touch and human it is and touches a wide variety of subjects about what’s important to someone’s life; be it trivial or dire. From songs about the loss of loved ones (“Someone Great”) to making the harsh realization of life catching up to your former self (All My Friends”) to feeling disassociated with your surroundings that have brought you up (New York I Love You But Your Bringing Me Down”) bringing a level of humanity to this record that is just a compelling to revisit as the music that’s on display.

Revisit it here and see why this album is so celebrated as it is 10 years down the line:

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