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 The Tripwires caught my ear while listening to a WFMU podcast hosted by DJ Michael Shelly. He played a song called “Be All End All” and shortly there after I looked them up. Shelly only plays what he regards as number hits. To him songs are hits if they have a certain allure to them like… are the lyrics clever or are they unique according to the melody and musicianship of the song? Does the song have a hook and does it stick in your brain? Is it timeless or is it trapped in a certain feel good time? Does it have a loose drum sound or was it recorded in a bathtub and if so is it justifiable in nature? I tip my hat to Shelly because he tweaked my interest towards the band The Tripwires. Thanks Mike.


Get YoungThe Tripwires, 2014 Folic Records

After five minutes of reading The Tripwires bio I started connecting the dots on the rock and roll family tree and as usual you always find everything is connected somehow. The first name that rung a bell with me as I was reading was drummer Dan Peters because not only does Peters play with Mudhoney and Screaming Trees he was also Nirvana’s drummer for about two weeks before he was rudely replaced by Dave Grohl. The other Tripwires are Johnny Sangster (guitarist, Roy Loney and the Longshot), Jim Sangster (bass guitar, Young Fresh Fellows, Roy Loney and the Longshot) and John Ramberg (guitar, Minus 5, Model Rockets). They have been regarded as a Seattle super-group but I would be positive they are not thrilled with that label, not because they aren’t super band, they are. However the term super group to me implies some sort of ego driven asshole-ness like a drunk as fuck Eric Clapton circa 1977. These guys don’t fit that bill they are simply a rock band that have a lot of influences I personally like.

The Tripwires sound is like British Invasion harmonies and melodies with a nod at early Who and Beatles records but the clean and slick production of the album reminds me of power pop like The Records, The Paul Collins Beat or maybe even, dare I say it… The Knack. Judging by what I hear on this record I could swear they are looking back to another time in music and by the sound of it I would say it is 1980 all over again. All influence and comparison put to the distant far side, The Tripwires have their own bag of tricks and to me it works very well. You may like it or perhaps I’m off the mark but for my money The Tripwires are helping bring rock and roll back to true form. If you listen to this record and you do not hear one thing that perks your ears…guess what Ace? There is something wrong with you.

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