The Joup Friday Album: Car Seat Headrest- Teens Of Denial

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I’m a huge dork and I’m really passionate about music. And as one who fits those two descriptions it follows that I am the type of person who is prone to ranking and categorizing music, especially the music that has come out in a particular year. As for every music nerd it’s exciting to recount what record came out this year that scratched every musical itch one could have and provided a soundtrack for being in the moment. Because if there’s one thing I love about being a music fan, it’s being in the moment, being there to experience an album you feel is truly great as it’s released. This is what Car Seat Headrest’s Teens Of Denial is for me

For an initiation to the uninitiated Car Seat Headrest is the project of 23 year old singer songwriter Will Toledo; a lo-fi bedroom indie project that he’s been releasing albums under this moniker for years on his bandcamp page. His first release for Indie rock juggernaut matador records Teens of Style came out last year. While the titles of these records share a sense that this record and his last could be seen as sister projects Style was much more in favor of the cheaply recorded hazy sounding recordings of Toledo’s Bandcamp days Denial is a huge progression forward. Going more in favor of polished sound and production and garnering a full band this time around, Car Seat Headrest as a project has made an extreme upgrade this time around, not just in the sense of a larger lineup, but as a songwriting force as a whole

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Teens Of Denial plays off like a mixtape that encapsulates all of the best qualities of underground rock since the mid 70’s to today. From the furious angular guitar rift of opener “Fill In The Blank” to the post punk freak out in the middle half of the eleven minute epic “The Ballad Of Costa Concordia” near the very end of the album. There is no shortage of surprises or replayability to be found on this record, it’s masterful indie rock that maintains everything a young new band should aspire to be. This is my favorite record of 2016, hopefully it makes it up there for you as well.

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