The Joup Friday Album/ The Avalanches: Since I Left You

An aquatic scene depicts three rubber rafts with about ten people in each. The water has white crested waves. The left raft is separated from the leading two by a chest high wave. A person stands in the right raft and is facing back to the last one with an arm raised. The band's name is written in white letters near the bottom with the album's title below it; both use the same block capital script.    One of the most joyous records of all time? I’m hard pressed to say I’ve heard a record that inspires as much joy in a listener as The Avalanches first and only record Since I Left You. Sounding all at once retro and like the future, this record is the musical equivalent of one’s proverbial happy place. For those of who have never heard of The Avalanches they are a group based out of Australia spearheaded by producers Robbie Chater and Darren Seltmann. Stylistically they can be categorized as electronic music, dance pop or more specifically plunderphonics, a sub genre in electronic music that relies heavily on the use of samples for its source material.

My god is their a diverse level of samples used throughout this record; it’s been estimated that there are about 3,005 samples in total that comprise the tunes on Since I Left You. Everything from Madonna and Sergio Mendes to Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon is used in the sonic play field of the songs here. The fact that this album is such a rich and diverse love letter to music as a whole makes it an impressive listen. What makes it even more so impressive is the full-blown experience of the songs.

All rolled together, Since I Left You is essentially an hour and-some-change long mix; a genre hopping blend that moves seamlessly from one style to another. From the dance pop and orchestral swells of the title track, to the hip-hop and house styling of a track like “Flight Tonight” to the druggy dance shuffle of “Frontier Psychiatrist” this record makes bold leap after bold leap during the duration of its run time and never ceases to be captivating or catchy. Don’t deny yourself this record any longer. As the voice says at the beginning of the record “Have a good time, Welcome to paradise.”


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Daniel R. Fiorio

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  1. Shawn C Baker

    Shawn C Baker Reply

    Great write up Daniel. This was always touted to me as a source of sunshine in the bleak shadow that was the music industry circa 2000. That said I don’t know that I have every actually heard the record until now. So thanks for putting it back on my radar!

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