Joup Confessions

Gary Cherone.
Nuno Bettencourt.
Paul Geary.
Pat Badger.

I wouldn’t advise that last one, they carry Tuberculosis and must be destroyed on sight. My friend Kurt and I were contorted in hilarity paralysis over the Bass player’s name a couple of years ago when we reminisced about our much berated appreciation of Extreme as 12 year old High School starters, then he bought me their second album which I hadn’t listened to for more than 15 years.

“Nuno, Gary, Pat and Paul.” we’d reluctantly submit in tandem to our chief antagoniser when fervently defending the band, furnishing him with the first names of it’s members at his request, to which he spat back without missing a beat:

“You know, Gary, that Pat’s a poof.”

The bastard had us…

Kurt bagged tickets for Extreme that December, which my attendance at a Megadeth w/Pantera gig the month before precluded me from going to, also  indicating a divergence in our musical paths. They played in Manchester last July and I threw down the gauntlet for him to attend, but whether he thought I was joking or not, we never ended up going and the regret niggles at me almost as much as the knowledge that I used to love them did after I’d disavowed them.

Those songs still dig their heels into their hard won territory of my heart, but I’m not so stupid to think I’m going to convince anyone to stream an entire album by them (though if you’re really THAT curious), instead I ask for just 12 minutes and 44 seconds of your time in which Extreme vindicate themselves, make perfect sense, kill it, hit it out of the park.

Tommy, you started this…


Chester Whelks

Chester Whelks

Chester Whelks is a peripheral figure on the fringes of existence. Predominantly bothering the local music scene of his native Manchester, England, he has a very finely attuned Justice-button, and knows how to call a spade a ‘Multi-Purpose Murder/Concealment Device’.

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