Joup Confession…(part 4)

So our main contributors have bared a small piece of their music skeletons. And I was tagged to enter the booth. I really had a tough time with because, you know ALL the music I listen is great and I have impeccable taste.

*Cue the eye rolls and bullshit cough in the background.

So I scanned where I started musically and the biggest thing that came to mind that might be viewed as “sketch” to a discerning critic is Chicago “17.” Thanks Thomas at least we have that in common, but I cannot choose that as well. Then I thought about my high school years. I was really a sponge, absorbing a number of bands or artists for the first time. The Who, Paul Simon, REM, INXS and U2 come to mind, but honestly I really respect and still listen to all of these artists from time to time. But then there is that other side…oh yes, the early 90’s pre-grunge dance pop side. So I looked on You Tube and found C+C Music Factory. And then I found this playlist and it really made me go Hmmmm…

Now we’re talking! There are heaps of tracks on this playlist played at high school dances and mixers. Some of which I attended and tried to put on my best breakdance moves for the ladies. Yeah, wow even as I write, it sounds as bad as it was.
C+C Music Factory (which BTW a still dig), Techtronic, EMF, Madonna, MC Hammer??? Yeah I have danced to all of them and established a repertoire of moves.

Eventually this music lead me to Chicago house parties and raves in my college years where too many to mention killer DJs ripped the dance floor right open. One of which was Frankie Knuckles (god bless his soul). My moves got a little better and my dress a little more fashionable as far as the rave scene goes but ultimately still just goofy Grez. It worked sometimes (the goofiness part) and I guess that’s what made it part of my evolution. So too, these songs and probably a number more that shaped me in a small way, but I probably won’t dare listen to nowadays. Unless of course I’m scooping chicks…oh that’s just bad again.

I’ll leave this open to whomever wants to take it from here.

Joe Grez

Joe Grez

Joe Grzesik (JGrez) is still an artist developer trying to keep up with new technologies. Photography still has been one of his strongest passions. However, now his main focus has led him back to music where he teaches guitar, piano, saxophone and percussion privately. Music education can never be short changed.

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  1. Shawn C. Baker Reply

    Okay, good piece Joe, but I ask you – Tommy and Chester – who goes next? Chester, I know you haven’t actually done one even though that last Friday album referenced it. I also know you’ve been quite busy with the move. I’d also be okay with it? Any takers? Shall I assume if no one has posted another comment claiming the responsibility it shall pass back to me for next Thursday?

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