Horror Movie Work Week #3: Anthologies!!!

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Okay, so I’m on the road right now and internet is intermittent at best. Plus I’ve been putting these up on Mondays but wanted to adjust that so I hit the last one directly on All Hallows Eve, so from here out it’s Wednesday. And this Wednesday it’s Anthology week here on the Horror Movie Work Week! I mean, what genre goes better with the Anthological format than horror? None, that’s what! So let’s get right into this week’s goody bag of deviousness and dismemberment, shall we?

What can be said of Creepshow that doesn’t include the words, “Great!” “Fantastic!” and “Classic”. Sure, by today’s standards some of the material in this 1982 screamfest might seem tame, but at the time? And in nostalgia? Besides, to really understand any art form you have to incorporate a sense of appreciation for its history into your vernacular and this my friends, is a mighty fine place to begin learning modern horror’s ‘vernacular’.

Written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero, with effects by gore legend Tom Savini himself no less, this flick is everything that was great about 80’s horror minus the sometimes-charming, sometimes-overdone ridiculous troupes of stupidity and sex that permeated the entire era. Five stories, one about family coming back from the dead for revenge (“Father’s Day”), one about the ups and downs of infidelities (“Something to Tide You Over”), one about rednecks dealing with something from outer space (starring Stephen King himself as that self-same redneck; “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill”), one about the taming of the shrew  (or at least the disposing of her; “The Crate”) and one about… well money and bugs bugs BUGS (“They’re Creeping Up on You”), all tied together with a wonderful wraparound that features the ALWAYS AMAZING Tom Atkins:

“That’s why god made fathers babe. That’s why god made fathers.” Awesome. Image courtesy of www.dinnerwithmaxjenke.blogspot.com/

Well, I enjoyed the first one so much I decided to follow it up with… CREEPSHOW2.

I wrote here last week about the phenomenon of “social osmosis” and Creepshow2 is another great example of it for me. I’m not sure that I’d ever since this flick before (I know, I know: and now shame is my colour) but I know SOO much about it – the big wooden Native American that comes to life and exacts revenge against the young punks, the four stoned teens trapped on the raft (best segment!) but I didn’t remember the wraparound – complete with eerie animated segment – or the final story.

How’s about a haircut? Image courtesy of thewolfmancometh.com

This second installment of Creepshow was directed by Michael Gornick – at the time known for his directing of several episodes of the Tales From the Darkside tv show – with a screenplay by George A. Romero that is based on stories by Stephen King. Really, I almost want to say I like this 1987 follow-up better, but it’s at least as good, I think even the purists will agree with that.

Finally for Anthology Week a nice surprise: Chillerama!

image courtesy of the mighty www.imdb.com

This was such a great surprise. My friend John mentioned something called, “The Diary of Anne Frankenstein” and I immediately pulled the scythe off his wall – he’s a reaper by trade – and held him hostage until he agreed to show me where said BRILLIANTLY titled film was located. I’d just noticed Chillerama on netflix due to Adam Green‘s name being associated – ever since John showed my wife and I Green’s Frozen last year and I made the connection that he was also the director of Hatchet Green has been on my must watch list. After Anne Frankenstein he’s on my MUST SEE HIS FILMS THE FIRST MOMENT I CAN list.

A great, almost grindhouse wraparound that’s equal parts Joe R. Landale’s classic The Drive In and some warped, twisted basement porno (I know – trust me) this flick is then filled in with “Wadzilla”: Giant. Killer. Sperm. (+ Ray Wise!!!) and “I was a Teenage WereBear”. But Green’s Frankenstein re-imagining is a purposely schlocky, lo-fi piece of wonder that should be beheld by all!


Ok, next week… three more horror flicks (at least) to round out our month of October, 2012 – perhaps the last according to those crazy ol’ Mayans, hahahaha.

Shawn C Baker

Shawn C Baker

Shawn lives in Los Angeles where he co-hosts Drinking w/ Comics, writes screenplays and fiction and has been known to drink quite a bit of beer. Good beer.

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