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I knew he would do it. I just knew he would be the first one to formulate an idea and run with it as he has always done in his writing, music and any other endeavors he chooses to take on. Sure there are times when he has more pressing issues like work or family but he has always found time to devote especially when it sparks his interest. His name is Shawn C. Baker but I like to call him Bakes.

joup began with the idea of wanting a cool, unbiased magazine that covered a variety of topics from different perspectives. Perspectives from all around the world. My fortune in life has definitely been the ability to travel. Extravagantly? Sometimes, but usually on a smart budget. It’s allowed me to experience a hundred plus cities in over 22 countries. No, I’ve not seen as much as some like my friend Dan, bless his soul, but luckily I’ve seen more than most. And for that I can definitely say I appreciate seeing and experiencing life more than most material items (although not all, like say my 2000 Guild Starfire V champagne hollow body), and a lot of that life that I speak of is other people – folks I’ve met and the stories they’ve told me. These are the people, the stories, the ‘life’ that influence and, in some cases, will directly contribute to joup.
So yes, traveling motivates a large part of this publication. But by no means will it be limited to travel; the roots might stem from there but they grow and branch out, leading to a variety of topics and ideas. I started with five main categories when I formulated joup two months ago: Arts, Philosophy, Science, Sporting and Travel. Next I divided each main category into sub-categories. Art breaks down into classics, film, music and photography. Philosophy into metaphysical and political studies. Science branches into astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering and physics. Sporting splits into team, individual, Olympic, xtreme and gaming. And travel? Well, I started with the six continents beside Antarctica with Australia, New Zealand and the SE island countries being grouped in Oceania.
Authors compose in one of four categories: fiction, non-fiction, review or journal. The photography section will open to actual digital shots as well as written pieces about the art. Shawn Baker (Bakes) and I will act as editors for joup and our influence will keep joup cohesive in its evolution through these often disparate but not always unrelated topics. We will write, but so will others. My vision is for the voices of joup to echo from all different directions across the globe, from all different races and economic classes. Bakes agrees.
Some of the pieces on this site may be viewed as radical because of this cross-pollination. Bakes and I cannot be held responsible for those views (unless of course they are our own). That’s my legal spiel; I’m sure these conditions and terms will have to be updated at some point in the future.
joup is indeed a WordPress site and it’s current style and feel shows that. That too will evolve as the site does. Currently there is no sponsorship nor funding for joup so authors will not be reimbursed for their publications. It is in my hope that will change with increased readership which can lead to sponsorship. I’d like to keep that in taste with the site but as they say, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
Finally, I’m glad to give something like this a go. I realize that words and ideas are more abundant each day. Heck, in our information age they’re more abundant every second. And yet I know joup will stand out because of the authors and their perspectives. I should have started this site years ago but in the words of Aunt Irene, “hindsight is twenty-twenty.” And really, now it as good a time as ever to welcome you to joup…a worldly jump.

Joe Grez

Joe Grez

Joe Grzesik (JGrez) is still an artist developer trying to keep up with new technologies. Photography still has been one of his strongest passions. However, now his main focus has led him back to music where he teaches guitar, piano, saxophone and percussion privately. Music education can never be short changed.

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