For The Love Of Comics – 2017: The Year of the Bastard

sb_coverI’ll be damned if Southern Bastards didn’t just one-up itself AGAIN!

Well, okay, it didn’t one-up itself. Jason Aaron and Jason Latour are the men who make the book and they’ve plotted a course that, while sometimes frustratingly slow – there were literally three issues published last year. I’m not complaining to criticize or undermine Messrs. Latour and Aaron – for all I know somewhere on social media or in the letters columns (for all my damn complainin’ I haven’t read through the last few of those despite the amazing recipes and biting social commentary that takes place therein) one of them has issued a heartfelt plea for understanding due to personal tragedy. I really hope not. What I’m merely trying to say here is, well, I guess I’m waxing philosophical about the absolute hole the book left me with in 2016. I’m reading fewer monthlies now than I have since 2011 and every week I stopped in at The Comic Bug for my pull and didn’t see Southern Bastards I longed for it. It’s a great book and – as I’ve said before – seems to me the kind of story that is going to go through several “one-up” stages until it’s universally considered a masterpiece. The first clue to that was issue #5. The second was January 11, 2017’s issue #16.


Well, not only was issue #16 extremely unpredictable, it was emotionally affecting. Very Emotionally affecting for anyone with a family, with a love for their parents, a passion for what they love or just a goddamn sense of right and wrong. This is once again what I call Preacher emotionally affecting. And that’s not something I’ve said about any other book, though it’s not the first time I’ve made that comparison with this one (see repeated links throughout).

Southern Bastards is a book about football, and I’m a man that has no interest AT ALL in football*. But Southern Bastards is not just about football. It’s about crime. It’s about family. And home. And all manner of the murky shit that spiderwebs out between all that stuff and makes it stick together. What do they call that spiderweb stuff anyway? You know, the stuff that makes life worth living sometimes and a pain in the ass others?

Oh yeah. Life. Yeah, that’s it.

And as much as I missed Southern Bastards last year, this is what the next three solid months hold for us Bastardians, so I guess the Jasons are looking to make up for some lost time, and that suits me just fine.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 8.35.30 PM

So, maybe 2017 is the year of the Bastard? Oh, yeah. Right, I guess it already was going to be that anyway. Well, I like these bastards, so let it rock, let it roll, and those runnin’ rebs better start fucking running, ‘cuz I think all hell’s a’coming**.

PS – LOVE the alt cover! Much love to Mike for pulling it for me. As my dealer, my friend and my once and future co-host of Drinking with Comics he knows how down on I am on lot of comic culture right now, and this just cheered me right hell up.


*American football. What the rest of the world calls football and we call ‘soccer’, while not into the sport per se, is a fascinating sociological sub culture. I know this because I read this. You should read it too; I think I can pretty much guarantee it will be one of the best books you’ve ever read.

**Gee, enough asterisks in one sentence for ya, eh?

Shawn C Baker

Shawn C Baker

Shawn lives in Los Angeles where he co-hosts Drinking w/ Comics, writes screenplays and fiction and has been known to drink quite a bit of beer. Good beer.

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  1. Chester Whelks

    Chester Whelks Reply

    *On behalf of the mighty Manchester United, I’d like to state for the Trans Atlantic-record that we have taken back the term ‘Red Army’, and rebuke the actions of the pathetic Inter City Jibbers and all associated numbskull rabble rousers, not to mention violence of all sorts within the sport of football…except this: http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/30916435 involving our greatest ever player and a Nazi bastard. This was awesome.

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