First Glimpses of New Album by Liars Does Nothing to Dispell Idea They are the Second Coming

I used almost the exact same title back in early 2010 when bizarro New York-cum-Berlin avante garde rock outfit Liars announced their (then) new album Sisterworld for a different website. Sisterworld of course turned out to be just as awesome as I had anticipated it would be (the remix disc not so much, but oh well…). Liars approach their music and image in some pretty profoundly originally and wonderfully strange ways* and nowhere can their oddness be seen more than in the videos that always accompany their tracks**- leading up to that album the band created rabid anticipation with the video for the track Scissors, which I love so much I’ll go ahead and post again here:


This time around Liars haven’t yet released a video but if you follow the link below  you will be treated to a bevy of video files the band has posted on their Tumblr. The images typically show us some of the very strange processes at work in the recording of their new album, as of yet not named but sure to be another fine entry into the avante-rock world.

It’s worth following the link.

The record’s out in June and I am Excited!!! When I see a band recording things like cats eating, brooms being pushed and people drinking through straws, well how could I not draw a comparison to obvious peer to Einstruzende Neubauten and the fabled madness that surrounded the recording of their masterpiece Drawings of Patient O.T.?

And again, a special thanks to the enigmatic Mr. Brown who bought me my copy of Drum’s Not Dead and turned me into a fan.

Here’s the tumblr:


* Case in point: I always want to refer to the band as “The Liars” and then my wife points out that they are indeed simply named, “Liars”. The distinction is – in my opinion – worth the occasional gramatical frustration.

** And sometimes their entire albums, like 2006’s BRILLIANT album Drum’s Not Dead, which has not one but three distinct different video accompaniments for the entire album and plays like a beautiful and sometimes alarming halucination.

Shawn C Baker

Shawn C Baker

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