Endless Loop: Walk Into the Sea

lowHave you ever had one of those songs that gets stuck in your head for days…weeks…years? Sure you have. These are the songs that always make the cut. The songs on repeat. We all have them. I have a ton. Welcome back to Endless Loop.

“Walk into the Sea” by Low

I’ve been writing this column for a while now, and after over 100 entries, some weeks are more difficult than others to say something interesting or insightful…even about the music I love.  And damn, if current events don’t make it even harder to come up with something…anything to write about, either as escapism or criticism, devotion or aplomb.  I love all of these songs so much, and I want others to as well, but it’s incredibly hard to whip up excitement, all of the ballyhoo seeming trite or conspicuously vacant when our current culture war is taking a decidedly violent turn.  Nazis abound evidently, and that’s about as abhorrent a phrase as I’ve ever had to write before.  And while it’d be easy (and certainly cathartic) to gather and listen to “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” all day, it’s just something I can’t do right now.  (I am at work after all.)

Anyway, here’s a song about dying by the classic Minnesota band Low, from their 2005 album The Great Destroyer.  “Walk into the Sea” closes the record out, a wistful desire to meet again after time washes everything away.  It’s a wonderful, if melancholy sentiment, and maybe something to cling onto every now and again to let the anger subside.

Hopefully someday, time will wash these fuckers away too.

On a side note, i’m very proud of my University today for finally doing the right thing.


Thomas H Williams

Thomas H Williams

From a bunker somewhere in Central Texas, Thomas H. Williams spends most of his time with his wife, his two sons, and his increasingly neurotic dog. He listens to a lot of music, drinks a lot of excellent beers, and gets out from time to time. For even more shenanigans, visit heavenisanincubator.blogspot.com.

One Response to Endless Loop: Walk Into the Sea
  1. Shawn C. Baker Reply

    Great pick. Low’s somber tones fit the psychic landscape naturally these days; I guess that’s why I’ve avoided them despite the itch to throw on their music I experience here and there as our world dissolves into a much more complex organism hand-crafted from shite. Pessimism aside, I’ll just say you never make it sound like you’re having trouble writing these columns sir. Always poignant, and always a great song to loop endlessly.

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