Drinking, Fighting, Fucking and Crying Title

Drinking, Fighting, F*&king, and Crying

ICE T OGBack in the day – and by that I suppose at this point in modern, self-referential history I should qualify the specific day I am referring to as the 1980s – hip hop was not yet mainstream music. Not only was it not mainstream, but it generally was not referred to as Hip Hop, the accepted term instead being Rap for most anyone outside of the circles where the then-start up music was actually being made, i.e. New York and Los Angeles and their satellite communities. Rap wasn’t on the radio unless some daring local jock played White Lines or Rapper’s Delight, and it wasn’t until Run DMC and Aerosmith collaborated on a remake/update of the already classic-rock-radio-staple Walk this Way that Rap moved out into the Mainstream music culture and began its steady ascent to take hold of every other form of music.

During this time, it was an accepted practice for most “Rappers” to have at least one “Sex Rhyme” for their albums. They all did it, except the higher consciousness-seeking Public Enemy (not a knock), but among the throngs of horny verse-spitters, the man many held as the Sex Rhyme Master was Ice T. Maybe I’m just justifying because Ice was and still is an artist I hold to a higher standard than many of his peers, but it always seems to me when I re-encounter any of those songs – Let’s Get Buck Naked and Fuck, for example –  that there’s a certain tongue-in-cheek flavor in the track that is missing in the braggadocio of other artist’s sex work from the time. And although thirty years down the line even those Ice T songs now look like sparkling turds of at worst misogyny and at best immaturity, there’s a bold nostalgia that I can sometimes experience when lines from any of the Ice-T crafted Sex Rhymes bob to the surface of my consciousness. And then there’s the one where Ice stepped out in front of the pack and put the whole stupid sex rhyme thing to bed.


Still crass, in a straight ahead way, but containing something inherently more declarative, a kind of period at the end of the Sex Rhyme sentence that had run on from the 80s up into 1991, when this track was released on Ice’s fourth studio album (and arguably his best) O.G. Original Gangster.  The short, almost mocking ‘zing’ of this track says, “Yeah, I don’t need to talk about this shit here ‘cuz it’s been done and I’ve grown and there’s more important shit to talk about,” as though he’d finally moved past the idea that his music was selling more to 13-year-old boys than smart, cognitive people and wanted to get on with a larger, more cerebral conversation. For me, it’s one of the moments where Rap grew up. And it still manages to be about F*&king.



Shawn C Baker

Shawn C Baker

Shawn lives in Los Angeles where he co-hosts Drinking w/ Comics, writes screenplays and fiction and has been known to drink quite a bit of beer. Good beer.

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    THEIR FANCHANT!!! , 14U & OnlyU, Fighting!!!

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