The Joup Friday Album: The Geraldine Fibbers

Geraldine FibbersCarla Bozulich is a powerhouse vocalist and the Geraldine Fibbers are one of the great, unsung bands swept up and then forgotten by the “Alternative Music” tide of the mid-90s. Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home has its more rudimentary moments, but overall this is a snapshot of a band poised to become something greater.

Drinking, Fighting, Fucking and Crying Title

Drinking, Fighting, F*&king, and Crying

Iwan Rebroff Na SdarowjeI don’t remember exactly how it happened. I suspect at some point in our early 20’s, Joup’s Sonny Vitkauskas must have found an old copy of Iwan Rebroff’s Na Sdarowje on vinyl in his grandmother’s record collection. Something like that. He borrowed the piece and brought it home, saving it for a time when he could spring this record on his friends in the heat of intoxication. Why? You ask. That’s the cover I’ve embedded here – look at this guy! He is PIED. tell me if you came across that in your house you wouldn’t be intrigued. Liar! Of course you would – we certainly were. So on one stoned night in the early-90s Brown, Sonny, and I huddled around a turntable and laughed our asses off. I mean, this Rebroff guy is DRUNK. Not only is he drunk, he’s celebrating being drunk. He’s getting drunk to celebrate being drunk.

The Joup Friday Album: No Age-Snares Like A Haircut

No age snaresTen years ago a multi-colored, noisy yet still somehow pop-inclined punk band made a significant splash in the underground music scene. I’m talking about the record Nouns by the L.A. based duo No Age. This wasn’t my first exposure to the band; that came in the form of the almost equally brilliant follow-up, 2010’s ‘Everything In Between,’ a more polished take on the band’s sound. After falling in love with ‘In Between,’ I embarked on the journey every music nerd takes once they discover a band that’s new to them: I checked out No Age’s old shit.

Drinking, Fighting, Fucking and Crying Title

Drinking, Fighting, F*&king, and … Moving?

Billy Joel The Stranger

Yeah, I missed Thursday’s post, which in the continuity of this column should have been ‘Drinking’. And yet, here I am, 1:39 AM and I happen to be doing just that. Drinking. I would have to be. I’ve been up for almost 24 hours, my mind an ever open loop set to finally close tomorrow because, ladies and gentlemen, I am moving! Moving after 11 years and 11 months in the same place. That’s… well, it’s maybe worth missing a post for.


The Joup Friday Album: Catholic Action – In Memory Of


I listen to music all day long. Terrible, terrible music. My workplace plays a “lite hits” satellite radio station all day, making sure that I’m well-acquainted with the latest by Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, and Jason Mraz. I wake up with these terrible songs stuck in my head every morning. I get excited when they play some 80s wuss rock trash like Kenny Loggins or REO Speedwagon because it’s still a million times better than the contemporary stuff. I look forward to December every year because I will gladly take Christmas music over this crap.

Drinking, Fighting, Fucking and Crying Title

Drinking, Fighting, F*&king, and Crying

The Cure - Boys Don't CryAdmittedly, this one may be a little bit on the nose. How could I resist though?

The Joup Friday Album: Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral

TDS-Cover-768x768Ah, moving!

New places are weird. Every creak is a sign that the house will collapse on itself any second. Every strange voice passing on the sidewalk outside is surely a murder cult on a mission. My days are numbered. There’s still that signature stink of other people’s lives – mushroomed in our case by a faulty sewage extractor that the previous owners insisted “worked just fine.”

You get what you pay for, and we didn’t pay much.