Having Your Cake and Hating It: Nirvana ‘In Utero’ 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Unit Shifter

nirvanaA shotgun hole is so absolute. The vacuum a suicide leaves behind so engulfing, it’s the epitome of ambivalence in its dichotomy of grief and resentment. A disavowal. A denial. The crepuscular introduction of ‘Heart Shaped Box’ heralded summer’s decay on August 30th 1993, through the pregnant fluff-bubble of a cassette tape piped down wires that ran through the cobwebs, pipes, atrophying plaster and laths of the cellar ceiling, up into the kitchen speakers after school as the clouds bruised with the impending deluge. ‘In Utero’ would accompany me on a walkman through the rigor mortis of autumn, to the decidedly funerary flavour of ‘Unplugged in New York’, the snowy satellite TV-taped VHS of which us siblings watched on the bright, crisp, February 1994 morning we interned my mother in the furnace after cancer had turned her black.

Bob Van Persie, ‘One Man – Full House’ Exhibition Private View, Richard Goodall Gallery, Manchester England, September 12th 2013

The thinking behind bringing Bob Van Persie to Manchester for his first show in the UK was presumably motivated by little more than the fact that his son Robin is presently this City’s most celebrated adopted son, after Manchester United’s number 20 unarguably singlehandedly thrust them their 20th League title. This connection is exploited further still tonight as revealed by the restrictions on this private view, tightened to the extent that every VIP invitee is admitted under a couple of strict conditions:

“1. No photography,
2. Don’t ask Robin Van Persie for his autograph.”


L.S. Lowry ‘Going To The Match’

Average Joe Photography #3: Skateboarding in Venice Beach, CA

Venice Beach Skatepark (Joe Grez - Joup)

Venice Beach Skatepark (Joe Grez – Joup)

Flying back from the Far East took me through Los Angeles and with it a reunion with none other then my co-publisher at Joup, a man by the name of Shawn C. Baker. It was most certainly a homecoming and LA, for better or worse, is quite the slice of Americana. Bakes had some time off so we decided to head north from his home in San Pedro out to Venice Beach and it’s post-hippie-chic-glitz-glam. Our main objective wasn’t the show though, it was to catch Sunday skateboarding at the recently renovated Venice Beach skatepark. After all, this is where all the four-wheel action began. So let’s take a look at the shots and go into a bit of detail about them.

Album Review: Andy Kaufman ‘Andy and His Grandmother’.

Image courtesy of Drag City Records

(laying it on thick)

We are all gathered here today to
bid one final farewell to Anthony
Sebastian Clifton — who passed
from our midst far too soon. The
world has lost the greatest superstar
of all time … and I … have lost my …best friend.
But grieve not, my brothers, for
Tony need not be forgotten.
Fortunately, he can be remembered
forever … through this magnificent …
(pulls album out from behind podium)

– Andy Kaufman & Bob Zmuda, ‘The Tony Clifton Story’ unproduced Screenplay, 1st draft 1/1/1980

Joup Interviews: Paul Colilli: Canadian Doctorate, Musician and a Simply Saucer

This intrawebs fascinates me everyday because of the people I come across and what they have done with their lives. Take one Paul Colilli for example whom I had the privilege to interview for Joup. Colilli, recognized in the 70s Canadian Pop Culture with his time with Simply Saucer, boasts a Doctorate Degree in Medieval Italian literature. Now some 40 years after he’s recording music under his self-title. How in the hell did I come across someone like this? I think it’s worth a look-see.

“Hello Chester,

I’m Paul Colilli, a founding member of Simply Saucer…”

Paul, you have my attention.

Chicago Business: Growing a Brand with Vintage Underground

Vintage Underground on Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago (photo: Joe Grez)

Vintage Underground on Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago (photo: Joe Grez)

Part 2 of 3 of a short series where small business meets new technology. Who benefits and how? Joup uses Vintage Underground as the small business and Reppio.com as the new technology.
Read Part 1 about Reppio.

Chicago, IL – It’s everywhere. It really is. Especially in the Western world and more so in the States. Branding. Time and time again we see a label, phrase or idea associated with countless amount of products and services immediately identifying them for better or for worse. (Wow, sounds like a marriage really.) But you know something? It works…well if done correctly. Research says so:

Technology: Create your Own Style Online with help from Chicago Stores: Do You Reppio?

Lisa Sikorski chats up Annie Dean of Reppio (Joe Grez)

Lisa Sikorski chats up Annie Dean of Reppio (Joe Grez)

I will admit that just the word “vintage” conjures up memories of poorly organized antique shops and mysterious pungent odors. I love the thought of vintage, but most shops I have ventured into leave me wanting to run for the hills. However, a new website called Reppio.com is out to help guide true lovers of  all styles to the best and brightest privately owned shops in Chicago neighborhoods. “It’s all about helping small businesses,” states Reppio Rep Annie Dean. “A lot of people who come to the city don’t know where to begin and might end up dismissing the charm of a neighborhood like Wicker Park just because they wandered into a store that’s wrong for them and their style.” Reppio is online and ready to help you find the designers, shops, and items that will suit your style whether you’re shabby chic or trendy urban.

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