Why Coachella 2013 and YouTube got it Right

Coachella and YouTube team up to bring music to the world. (Courtesy of Coachella Music + Arts Festival)

Coachella and YouTube team up to bring music to the world. (Courtesy of Coachella Music + Arts Festival)

“Wow, just Wow.” I keep telling myself as I watch the French band Phoenix performing live at the Coachella Music Festival on a channel created specific to stream the entire weekend. As a matter of fact, Coachella worked with YouTube creating THREE channels! Streaming live performance of nearly 75 artist through 3 days. Such acts include the aforementioned Phoenix, Blur, Teagan and Sara, Ginderman, Spiritulaized, Vampire Weekend, Franz Ferdinand, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the first performance in some years of The Postal Service.

An Inspired Bird of Oakland Music: Elisabeth Johnson of Mynah Music: Joup Interviews

Always grinning, Elisabeth Johnson, co-founder of Mynah Music (courtesy of Mynah Music)

Always grinning, Elisabeth Johnson, co-founder of Mynah Music. (courtesy of Mynah Music)

Relationships Matter – Love and In Love

Sometime Love is holding hands.

Sometimes a simple reminder to ourselves can help appreciate our relationships. (Image: www.collegefashion.net)

“What is the difference between ‘love’ and ‘in love’?” is a frequently asked question. The answer is different for each individual and based on:

  • Their emotional, mental and physical makeup
  • Their upbringing and background
  • Their current beliefs and values

My current answer is that being ‘in love’ is all about intensity; the highs are dizzying, the lows debilitating. Being ‘in love’ may be non-sexual or sexual. ‘Love’ is much more stable and comfortable; it generates a secure, constant, warm, fuzzy feeling. It is possible to ‘love’ without being ‘in love’ and vice versa.

Paradise Burning: Fires rage in Pai and Mae Surin, Thailand

Fires and smoke near Wat Phra That Mae Yen, Pai, Thailand

Fires and smoke near Wat Phra That Mae Yen, Pai, Thailand (Joe Grez/Joup)

The President Is Dead! Long Live The President!

In Venezuela Hugo Chavez is everywhere.

In Venezuela Chavez is everywhere. “From your hands comes the water of life. We love you!” No false modesty there then. (Erik Jelinek

International Film #3: 5 Broken Cameras 2011 (Palestine)

5 Broken Cameras

courtesy of Burnet and Davidi

Chiang Mai – The Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival brought me three and half hours southeast from Pai on motorbike via Thai route 1095. Discussions, screenings, lectures and photograph galleries of Thai and international artists scattered throughout the city. What’s not to like? There are a number of topics I could review (and may) but it’s the recent documentary 5 Broken Cameras from Palestinian Emad Burat and Israeli Guy Davidi that makes cut for International Film #3. And to the think, I was “this” close from going back to my hostel room.

Relationships Matter – Introspection

Self introspection has a gradient area. (Joe Grez/Joup)

Self introspection has a gradient area (Joe Grez/Joup)

Introspection used to be a word that only referred to people. It is now used in software development to describe a capability of some object-oriented programming languages to determine the type of an object at runtime; this ability is called ‘type introspection’. As I am writing about people I have used ‘self-introspection’ to describe our examination of our own behaviour, drivers and motivations and ‘other-introspection’ to describe the same examination of other people which is more commonly known as a form of empathy.

Self-introspection is something we should all do regularly. Unfortunately only the emotionally, intellectually and morally courageous amongst us actually do. Most of us are intellectual, emotional and moral cowards. Having said that all of us are capable of developing intellectual, emotional and moral courage; it just takes a desire to do so and a willingness to bear the discomfort of bad feelings in order to acknowledge and accept them as opposed to ignoring and suppressing them.