Does the World Want Superman?

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“In the decade of the 1930s, even the great city of Metropolis was not spared the ravages of the worldwide depression. In times of fear and confusion, the job of informing the public was the responsibility of The Daily Planet, a great metropolitan newspaper whose reputation for clarity and truth had become the symbol for hope in the city of Metropolis…”

Narration of off-screen ‘Boy’, Prologue to ‘Superman: The Movie’ 1978


Average Joe Photography #1: Buddhist Monks in Procession: Tachileik, Myanmar

A Buddhist Monk in serach of an exiliir in Tachileik, Myanmar (Joe Grez / Joup)

A Buddhist Monk in serach of an exiliir in Tachileik, Myanmar (Joe Grez / Joup)

The Premier installment of Joup’s Average Joe Photography. My co-publisher Shawn Baker came up with another great idea (he’s full of’em…really). It started with him asking how I got a certain shots in the Muay Thai pieces I wrote a few months back (Main Gallery). I explained that Muay Thai leads itself to Black and White Photography but how the scenario was tricky to shoot because you have people moving at a fast pace in an outdoor low light situation. And one can’t vary well set up a tripod next to the ring! So I talked with him a bit about using higher ISO with as quick of a shutter speed as I could. And also what I did in post production to present the images in the most true to form as possible.

Why Coachella 2013 and YouTube got it Right

Coachella and YouTube team up to bring music to the world. (Courtesy of Coachella Music + Arts Festival)

Coachella and YouTube team up to bring music to the world. (Courtesy of Coachella Music + Arts Festival)

“Wow, just Wow.” I keep telling myself as I watch the French band Phoenix performing live at the Coachella Music Festival on a channel created specific to stream the entire weekend. As a matter of fact, Coachella worked with YouTube creating THREE channels! Streaming live performance of nearly 75 artist through 3 days. Such acts include the aforementioned Phoenix, Blur, Teagan and Sara, Ginderman, Spiritulaized, Vampire Weekend, Franz Ferdinand, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the first performance in some years of The Postal Service.

Relationships Matter – Love and In Love

Sometime Love is holding hands.

Sometimes a simple reminder to ourselves can help appreciate our relationships. (Image:

“What is the difference between ‘love’ and ‘in love’?” is a frequently asked question. The answer is different for each individual and based on:

  • Their emotional, mental and physical makeup
  • Their upbringing and background
  • Their current beliefs and values

My current answer is that being ‘in love’ is all about intensity; the highs are dizzying, the lows debilitating. Being ‘in love’ may be non-sexual or sexual. ‘Love’ is much more stable and comfortable; it generates a secure, constant, warm, fuzzy feeling. It is possible to ‘love’ without being ‘in love’ and vice versa.

Relationships Matter – Transition


Like a sunrise, all relationships transitions are unique. (Joe Grez/Sesame)

Like a sunrise, all relationships transitions are unique. (Joe Grez/Sesame)

1. Ending

Transition begins with letting go of something. William Bridges believes that too often we forget this axiom, believing that the transition begins with the third stage—New Beginnings. What may be most disconcerting is that endings are being thrust upon us as a result of circumstances beyond our control such as a crisis. Many of us find ourselves increasingly anxious because of our apparent lack of control over circumstances. Acknowledging reality, even if it seems harsh, is the only way to gain control over the circumstances. During the Ending stage, we must consciously identify what is ending and then choose to let go.

Why Such a Fascination for Sky Lanterns (Khom Loi)?

Thais releasing a Khom Loi

Thais releasing a Khom Loi (Joe Grez/Sesame)

Pai, Thailand – I have a dilemma. It has to do with the Chinese and Thai traditions of releasing hot air rice paper lanterns (Kongming [Chinese], Khom Loi [Thai]) into the night sky. Happens quite often in the north of the country now, with numerous lanterns coloring the black, faint white polka doted sky with moving golden orange pixels of various sizes. The first site of it is rather striking and as more people release lanterns into the sky, the night becomes that much more entrancing. So what’s my problem with this?

Relationships Matter – Dealing with Loss

Reflections (Joe Grez/sesame/joup)

Reflections (photo: Joe Grez/sesame/joup)

Relationship loss is an inevitable part of our lives. The first relationship we lose is the total dependency we have on our parents around the age of 2-3. When we start kindergarten or school, we lose the relationship of the constant presence of our parents as we spend more time separated from them. As we move on through life, in addition to family, we lose relationships with friends, teachers, partners, work colleagues etc. Many of us treat losing relationships as an awful thing. While it may feel bad, losing relationships is an essential part our development; it is character building by helping in learning how to deal with that loss. An interesting aspect of relationship loss is that a relationship may be gone without losing the person with which that relationship started. For example, when a work colleague becomes a friend, the previous relationship is lost and a new relationship (friendship) starts.

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