Thee Comic Column #49: Collid…er… I mean Federal Bureau of Physics

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After waiting for most of July due to erroneously published release dates for Simon Oliver and Robbi Rodriguez’s Collider I finally had it in my box at the Comic Bug the last week of the month and whisked it home with fairly high expectations.

It did not disappoint.

It’s hard to see exactly where the story is going from the first issue – think of reading Ex Machina #1 the day it came out and having no idea the heights it was setting itself up to soar to – but that’s not what really got me excited by the book. What did get me excited is the world that Collider #1 established. And oh, what a wonderful world it is!

Thee Comic Column #48: UGLI Studios Presents #2 – An Interview w/ Jason Lenox

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UGLI Studios has only recently come on my radar. They are a small, totally independent imprint that releases very high quality books that their creators put A LOT of work into. With the just-released anthology UGLI Studios Presents #2 is now available for order on their founder and artist extraordinaire Jason Lenox’s website, I was recently able to throw some questions at Mr. Lenox. Here’s what we spoke about.

SCB:You’re fresh off a successful Kickstarter that helped make the new Ugli Studios Presents Vol#2 possible. Do you feel that the age of crowdsourcing changed the game for you and other independent comics publishers?

Summer Reading Book #9: Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool

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Ok so I’m falling short of my goal of reading forty books. In my defense, two of the books I read were on the heavy side-one in terms of the sheer number of pages and one in terms of content. Navigating Early, the latter of the two, is written for junior high students, but it is not your average teen fiction. Clare Vanderpool outdid herself on this one. Her themes are so intricately woven, I may need to read it again before I even attempt to help students navigate it.

Thee Comic Column #47: Rucka, Lark & Arcas’ LAZARUS

Lazarus_1In last week’s column I talked about Boom! Studio’s Day Men, a book that is based around the idea of multiple Vampire families and how they co-exist in the world at large. This week’s topic is another book that has the concept of family at its core. Lazarus is written by Greg Rucka, drawn and lettered by Michael Lark and colored by Santi Arcas. It is published by Image Comics and it hit the stands a few weeks back with one of the best first issues I’ve seen in a while.

7.20.13: Summer Slaughter, HOB on Sunset


Okay, first off, yes the name for this package tour is Summer Slaughter and yes it seems ridiculous to even repeat that out loud, let alone us it as a headline. However, I did not name it. Nor would I have been likely to go to it, despite my rabid love of headliners Dillinger Escape Plan, if not for the fact that The Ocean (Collective) were playing. Hailing from Germany, The Ocean does not make it to the States very often to play and whenever they do I go, buy a shirt, talk a bit and try and lend both financial and moral support. Now, nearly forty-eight hours on the other side of the, ahem, Slaughter I can tell you, stupid name or not, had I not attended I would have been missing out.

Thee Comic Column #46: Day Men


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Boom! Studios has been gaining momentum of late, which is awesome. The small indie imprint has come to remind me a bit of the vibe that surrounded Dark Horse when they began in the 80’s. The obvious comparison comes while contemplating both publisher’s cult-cinema titles: Dark Horse arguably cut their teeth with Aliens and Predator licenses. Boom! has Planet of the Apes, Die Hard and Hellraiser.  I’d take this a step further and say that you could argue that over the last few years Boom! has also begun to move into creating their own branding. You could look to the iconic branding Dark Horse did with name creators and original series such Frank Miller’s Sin City and Mike Mignola’s Hellboy and draw a comparison to Boom!, especially with their new book Day Men, drawn by uber-respected industry artist Brian Stelfreeze.

Thee Comic Column #45: Night of the 80’s Undead

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Ok, this was a total impulse buy. I stopped at The Comic Bug today and my subscription box was light so I began to look around. I missed my column last week for, I think, the first time since I started it here on Joup almost one year ago. Because of this I was really looking for some inspiration for this week’s feature and I found a lot of it today by investing  in a bunch of first issues of new series that I might have missed had I already had a heavy pull to pay for. It’s always nice to get an unexpected exploration day every once in a while and today it yielded some great results. Lots of cool new stuff I sped home to read. However amidst the Ruckas, the Bendis, the Stelfreezes and the free Vertigo preview book – not to mention all the juicy stuff coming out of Comic Con and my regular books – Night of the 80’s Undead was the one I could not wait to write about.

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