Thee Comic Column #92: Kelley Jones’ The Hammer

The Hammer 2Recently I found myself waxing philosophical about horror. Horror as a frame of mind, an emotion and subsequently horror as a genre: a form of art that, when you reach back past the soma-ridden exteriors of our gadgety, distraction-obsessed world, you inevitably find as a testament to our very existence. An existence that proves that all those distractions we so continually improve, update and rely on are actually serve a very important purpose.

Our toys and technology distract us from the horrors at the very heart of our existence.

Joup Friday Album – Eminen – Marshall Mathers LP 2

Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (images courtesy of Interscope records)

Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (images courtesy of Interscope records)

Thee Comic Column #91: Adventures in the Dollar Bin!

CAM00800Last Wednesday I wandered into The Comic Bug in order to pick up my weekly pull – including Stray Bullets: Killers #4 and Trees #2 – and found that Mike and the guys had purchased someone’s entire collection. As with most comic shops, this happens from time to time at the Bug. They’re always buying stuff, but once in a while they get a MASSIVE collection, and that was definitely the case here. Once acquired this stuff often goes to form a daunting Dollar Bin display which takes considerable time and effort to go through but which, for the willing, can pay off tenfold. Case in point, the previous time I was privy to this happening was, coincidentally around the same time last year and on that particular occasion I scored pretty much John Byrne’s entire run on StarBrand, thus filling in some gaps in my reading that goes all the way back to the formative years of my comics habit – the 1980’s, when I was still in the single digits and inhibited by the parameters of my weekly allowance. This time too, the collection the guys had gobbled up appeared to lean heavily on the era of my youth so I diverted from my usual browsing and dove into the dollar bins looking to find more long-lost stories from the days of my childhood.

Thee Comic Column #90: The Empty Man

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If I was a producer or writer or director or held any sway, pull or money in the realm of Hollywood I’ll tell you what I’d do. Or perhaps I should say what I would have done this past Wednesday the exact moment I put down Cullen Bunn and Vanesa R. Del Rey’s The Empty Man #1. I would have called BOOM! Studios, or whoever the hell I had to and I would have acquired the rights to make this into either a movie or a cable show. Not sure which yet because obviously at only issue #1 we don’t quite know the size or scope of the yarn these two are spinning, but if the haunting, horrific events of this introduction and the ‘yeah-that’s-not-a-Christian-bible-that-revivalist-minister-is-holding’ foreshadowing is any indication, it’s going to be big and it’s going to be good and someone will get those rights. Trust me. It’s that good.

Thee Comic Column #89: Warren Ellis’ Trees

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Thee Comic Column #88: Ted MCKeever’s Superannuated Man

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Any comic that begins with a quote from Hunter S. Thompson already gets a massive “plus” in my book. But guess what? That’s not the only reason that I absolutely LOVE The Superannuated Man.

Ted McKeever – I’m so very familiar with this man’s name from prowling the shelves of the comic shops of my youth that it amazed me to realize that I’ve never actually read anything he’s worked on.

How is that possible?

Thee Comic Column #87: The Doom That Came To Gotham

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Let’s talk about reading habits. Several weeks ago I was firmly entrenched in my weekly floppies, marveling at the usual monthly awesomeness by Remender, Kirkman and some new stuff by Ennis. However, one thing that this column does not reflect, for obvious reasons, is that I do not only read comics. Literature is also a love of mine, from F. Scott Fitzgerald, to Bret Easton Ellis, David Foster Wallace, Donna Tartt – the list goes on and on. In short if we were to talk about my reading habits they are, in a word, habitual.

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